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It's Wednesday and you all know today's blog post will be related TechNet Wiki life.

In today’s blog, I would like to share my experience of meeting with our TechNet Wiki Ninjas at Microsoft MVP Summit 2018.This is my 2nd time visit to MVP Summit.Here is my blog post of my last time visit to MVP Summit My First MVP Summit with the Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas.I can say as it will be a big dream for all the Microsoft MVP’s to attend MVP Summit, All the MVP’s around the world will wait for this day to meet all other MVP’s and to learn many new things from the wonderful session. For me visiting MVP Summit is always more special as this is the best occasion to meet our TechNet Wiki Ninja MVP’s in person. We all Wiki Ninja’s feel MVP Summit as a Family Festival, where we are connected closely, learn and share many new things in different Microsoft Technology. In TechNet Wiki we have more than 50 MVP members from all around the world and surprising fact is that lots of these were not MVP's when they joined the TechNet  Wiki including me, yes when I start contribution in TechNet Wiki, I was not as an MVP but today I’m continuing my 2nd time MVP award . Thanks to the lovely Microsoft and TechNet Wiki Community for this great opportunity.

Microsoft Celebrating 25th MVP anniversary

The MVP Global Summit is a multi-day event that is hosted in Bellevue and at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. With a large catalog of technical sessions (offered only in English) and a variety of networking opportunities, the MVP Global Summit enables MVPs to connect with other MVPs, to build relationships with Microsoft program managers (building the products), and to provide feedback on Microsoft products and technologies.  (

This year the MVP summit happened at Redmond, Seattle from March 4th to March 9th  2018. This year Summit is more special as Microsoft is celebrating its MVP Award program for its 25th Year. This time in Summit the magic number is 25 and we can see 25 in everywhere ,the 2nd photo which is taken during the last day party arranged by Microsoft for all the MVP’s.


Meeting our Wiki Ninja’s at MVP Summit

From the first day till my last day I meet many new friends and learn lot of new things from Summit. As I told you for me the more special thing is to meet our TechNet Wiki Ninjas and I was really glad to meet TechNet Wiki Ninja’s Alex Mang, Arleta Wanat , Dan Christian , Edward van Biljon, Jaliya Udagedara ,Karen Payne ,Ken Cenerelli ,Peter Geelen ,Pete Laker ,Pooja Baraskar ,Richard Mueller ,Santhosh Sivarajan ,Syed Shanu ,Thuan Soldier . Believe me all of them are such a simple and friendly person’s and we had such a great time with lots of fun and discussion. The important point here we need to note is all are from different country and we all feel as one TechNet Wiki Family.

Photo (Left to Right) - Jaliya Udagedara ,Thuan Soldier ,Richard Mueller ,Arleta Wanat ,Edward van Biljon ,Syed Shanu ,Pete Laker ,Ken Cenerelli ,Peter Geelen

The sad thing is many of our TechNet Wiki Ninja MVP’s not able to attend the MVP Summit due to official and personal reasons. Hope next year, I will meet more MVP’s from TechNet Wiki. Visiting MVP summit will also give us more idea to contribute for community as we learn lot of things from many experts,In upcoming years looking forward to meet many more MVP's from TechNet Wiki.

Wiki Ninja Sticker in MVP Summit:

Pete Laker (aka Pedro) will always give surprise to all our TechNet Wiki’s and we all wait for his surprise gift. Same like last time Peter Laker (aka Pedro) gave Ninja Stickers to all of the TechNet Wiki Ninja team members. We are all happy and proud to stick that on our name tag.  You know as many friends asked me what this sticker means. It was a great opportunity to tell them about TechNet Wiki. Thank you, Pedro, for arranging this Ninja Sticker.

Special Gift from Pedro for Ultimate Guru Awards

On March 3rd 2018 Pete Laker announce in TechNet Wiki blogs about Microsoft TechNet Wiki Technical Guru: The “ULTIMATE GURU” Awards! .The TechNet Wiki Council members selected top 20 Ultimate Guru for their contributions to community and honor them with a Lovely Gift. It’s really happy and proud for me to be one of the 20 in Ultimate Guru Awards. In the blog Peter Laker mention about this pen as

Presenting the "Microsoft TechNet Wiki Technical Guru" Ninja Pen! This is no ordinary pen... this is a pen full of Microsoft Love ™

 I love this quote from Pedro as this is not an ordinary pen and this pen has full of Microsoft Love and also love of lovely TechNet Wiki family.

In the blog post Pedro has announced as Ultimate Guru Awards pen will be given to the members who will visiting MVP Summit and for the remaining members he will send them via post. As he promised he bring the pen for MVP summit and I’m really very lucky to get the pen from his hand .In below photo Pedro is giving me the TechNet Wiki Ultimate Guru Awards Pen and I’m really happy and proud to get that from him.(Myself with Pedro)


More about Wiki Ninja connection in Summit:

All our TechNet Wiki Ninjas will be planed prior to visit summit as to meet on the registration evening around 7 or 8 PM at Hyatt Regency, also from the 1st day till the last day of MVP Summit we will be meet during all the session break time and in all the evening party’s. It will be always happy and fun to meet our TechNet Wiki Ninjas in summit as it’s a great opportunity to meet all in person. We talk for long time and share lots of happiness, love, knowledge and community activities. Here I would like to share few photos taken with our Wiki Ninja MVP’s.

Myself with Ken Cenerelli ,Peter Geelen (Meeting Ken for 2nd time and Peter Geelen for the 1st time and it always feels happy to Wiki Ninjas)

Myself with Jaliya Udagedara (We both in same award category and its always happy to meet Jaliya)

Myself with Edward van Biljon (First time meeting Edward and we feels like we know for long time)

Thanks to Microsoft for well arranging MVP Summit:

Thank You Microsoft for all the well arrangements and care for MVP’s during MVP Summit. All the MVP’s are really happy and proud to attend the MVP Summit. It’s not that much easy job to arranging a successful summit with huge crowd ,with participants from around the world .I’m really happy to participate the 25th year award program during this MVP Summit visit. 

Did you try Special Coffee at MVP Summit?

This year in MVP Summit apart from Conference and networking the other important talk in the town was the MVP Coffee, I believe that as who ever visited the MVP Summit surely, they might drink the special MVP coffee at least for 1 time and had taken photo of that. If you ask me what is the special in the coffee means, in an ordinary coffee if you can add your favorite MVP logo on top means surely all the MVP’s will be proud to drink it, In the below photo we can see the MVP Logo has been added in the Coffee. There was been a coffee machine placed and we can keep our coffee on that machine ,select our MVP Logo need to be printed on the coffee.Not only the MVP Logo we can also add our picture in the coffee which was so fun and happy to have it.Its MVP in everywhere and also in food.

Now I need to wait for a year to attend next MVP Summit. My excitement started for meeting all my lovely friends again in Next year.Hope you all like this blog post. If you have any question’s kindly leave me a comment.  See you all soon with another blog post.

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    1. Nice to meet You Ed Price and hope we meet next year too and spend some time for talk. Yes that MVP Coffee was awesome and all the MVP’s are proud to have it.

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