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Hello all, and good day to all TechNet Wiki Gurus, Judges, and guests

It is a privilege to make a great announcement on this blog. Around a month back, the TechNet Wiki council called upon all members to show their creativity with the announcement of blog post: Wiki Governance: Banners and Logo for 2018. MyselfRonen Ariely (aka Pituach), and Syed Shanu got the task to organize the project... and what a pleasure it was. We got a great response from the community and now its time to pay our gratitude to all of the participants.

Designers can design and Developers can develop

By taking participation in this competition all changed the above statement to "Developers also can design".

Story behind the scene

It all started when Ronen Ariely (around two years back) asked for help in creating a new banner for the TechNet Wiki groups on Facebook, that turned out as a great idea and it took the shape of an initial contests and overall gave 12-great banners.

Time passed away and a year ago, once again Ronen supposed to do the same but he got a new request from the TNWiki council that they require new logos and banners for various activities. This is what community gave us, Syed gave his helping hands to execute new competition and he did a wonderful job along with Ronen. I would like to thanks both Ronen and Syed for the contest because in Year-2017 we got eighty new banners from the competition.

I am glad and thankful to Ronen who gave me this opportunity to be a part of the Year-2018 contest team.

Final count-down and results

New! While in the previous years the voting was done only by the TNWiki Council, this year we gave the community the power to vote for their best choice. Several of the images were way on the top while others got the same number of points from the community. All the images, which were sent by the community this year and in the past, are available to use by the community and the TNWiki team of bloggers can pick these out of the full list.

We got very great banners with great theme, there are few themes that are commendable:

  • Women Tech Ninja
  • Efforts for the community and by the community
  • Lets come out from Shelves - The Cave Ninjas
  • Divided by land, united by technology
  • Envision, Enrich, Empower - The fighter: Women Tech Ninjas
  • Sharing is everything

Unfortunately we have only twelve months in a year and we had to select a banner for each month (except January which is dedicated to the contest). The final choice made out of these banners selected by the community. After long exercise, voting, discussion we bring the final decision of selection.

The top 11 banner images sorted from number one on the top:

1. Created by: Floris van der Ploeg

2. Created by: Kanwwar Manish

3. Created by: Ousama El Hor

4. Created by: Vimal Kalathil

5. Created by: Kia Zhi Tang

6. Created by: Ousama El Hor

7. Created by: Gaurav Aroraa

8. Created by: Kia Zhi Tang

9. Created by: Floris van der Ploeg

10. Created by: Mohamed El-Qassas

11. Created by: Mandar Dharmadhikari

The top 3 Logo images:

    created by: Floris van der Ploeg
    created by: Gaurav Aroraa
    created by: Kia Zhi Tang

Numbers are telling the whole story

This year we got great responses from all where one either is a designer or not, a tech or non-tech, a writer or a speaker, a member of TechNet or not. Here are the numbers:

  1. Total entries for Banners: 63
  2. Total entries for Logos: 16
  3. Maximum entries of Banners by Rajeesh Menoth with total count 11
  4. Maximum entries of Logos by Rajeesh Menoth with total count 6

Following(s) are the name whose banners get a place in the list of finalists:

  1. Anoop Sharma
  2. Baishakkhi Banerrjee
  3. Floris van der Ploeg
  4. Gaurav Aroraa
  5. Kamlesh Kumar
  6. Kanwwar Manish
  7. Mandar Dharmadhikari
  8. Mohamed El-Qassas
  9. Ousam El Hor
  10. Paul Long
  11. Rajeesh Menoth
  12. Ronen Ariely
  13. Ryen Kia Zhi Tang
  14. Syed Shanu
  15. Vimal Kalathil

Thank you all for your hard work and awesome Banner and Logo Images.Looking forward to see more wonderful Banner and Logo design contributions for 2019.If some one name is missed from the  list kindly comment us we will add it here.Once again thank you all and have a wonderful year ahead.

At last but not least, I would like to pay gratitude (on behalf of all 3's myself, Ronen and Syed) to all the participants, who voted and the member of councils, who spared precious moments from their busy schedule for the great cause of community.

A complete list of all banner entries can be found here: All banner entries for Year-2018.

Best of luck and have a great writing.


THOR - it begins...
– Gaurav Aroraa,
[Personal Site] [Blog] [Facebook] [Linkedin]

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  1. Congrats all.In TechNet Wiki always all the participants are the winners.Thank you all for spending time for making all the awesome banners and logos.Lets show the same energy to make banners and logos for 2019.

  2. Congratulations to all winners. Thank you to all participants. It’s amazing to see all those creativity shines from everyone.

  3. Congrats to all ! Good work for all members in the TechNet Wiki Family 🙂

  4. Congratulations to all!! Good to see the the designing skills and creativity from everyone!!

  5. pituach says:

    Thanks for sharing Gaurav Aroraa 😉

    Congrats to all winners

    There were great images this year. Thanks to all contributors

    1. Thanks Ronen and Syed for your support, this is what we called a community 🙂

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