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Welcome to another Tuesday TNWiki Article Spotlight.

In today’s spotlight, we talk about third-party tools for C#. Specifically, using a third-party tool to create a text editor to do text manipulation. To do this, we can use RadRichTextEditor by Telerik. To understand how to get started with RadRichTextEditor, Emiliano Musso has created the TechNet Wiki article [C#] Word-like editor and RTF text manipulation with Telerik RadRichTextEditor.

As he states in his post, “In this article, we will see how to create a Word-like software, using one of Telerik's controls for WinForms, i.e. RadRichTextEditor and C#. Moreover, we will discuss several ideas in regards to the possibility of a programmatical modification of the RTF text hosted by the control, in order to produce DOCX/PDF files compiled by our applications.”

In the article, Emiliano takes the reader through creating a new sample project using the RichTextEditor on WinForms, how to create and manage documents, and how to create a simple app. The article also has a link to the source code of the demo app.

Emiliano’s article won a silver medal in the Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards: November 2017 under the Visual C# category.

If you ever wanted to know about Telerik RadRichTextEditor, start with this post.

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogMSDN ProfileMVP Profile)

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  1. Sabah Shariq says:

    Wow! very interesting. Thank for sharing Ken 🙂

  2. pituach says:

    Thank for sharing Ken 🙂

    * It is relevant to mention that the Wiki editor is based on Telerik editor as well (at least it was) and I think that the blog editor as well

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