Friday with International Community Update – Progress in each language (Nov. 2017)

Hello, Wiki Ninjas!
Today is Friday with International Community Update.

The end of November is as follows:

The topic of this month:

  • No order change.
  • Although Portuguese (pt-BR), Russian, and Simplified Chinese posted about 20 articles, many of them were spam. As Richard Mueller immediately tagged "Candidate for deletion, spam" to them, they'll be removed sooner or later. Amazing job, Richard!

Thank you!!

Tomoaki Yoshizawa (yottun8)
Facebook: Tomoaki Yoshizawa
twitter: @yottun8
TechNet Profile: Tomoaki Yoshizawa

Comments (4)

  1. About 3 days ago the admins implemented a spam filter in the Wiki that seems to be working. We have seen no spam articles since.

  2. pituach says:

    Nice statistics, Thanks for sharing Tomoaki 🙂

  3. Great stat Tomoaki.. Thanks for sharing with community 🙂

  4. Arleta Wanat says:

    Thanks for sharing Tomoaki.

    Go Polish!

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