Wiki Ninja Belt List Have Been Updated: Check Who Have Just Gained A Rank!! (Sep. 2017)

Great news Wiki Ninjas!

The Ninja Belt Calculator has just been run, and the list of Ninja Belts have been updated!

The result has been updated in the following Wiki article: Wiki Ninja Belt Status: Who Has What Belt Ranking

The calculator has been run and we have the result in place (some alterations may come later). We will try to keep the article up to date, with a monthly update!

Anyone who "comes onto our radar" (either by winning a Weekly Top Contributor Award, winning a TechNet Technical Guru Award, being interviewed or having a featured article) gets added to our database.

We then track your progress and achievements, and award Ninja Belts - depending on your progress.

Ninja belt ranks include your profile stats, so we have to import them too.

Altogether, this is crunched through our Ninja Belt Calculator, based on the rules defined here.

And below is a list of those community members who have just gained a rank...

Calculator Belt Upgrades for 10 October 2017

User Name Ninja Belt
[Kamlesh Kumar] Black Belt (1st Dan)
.paul. _ Purple Belt
Emiliano Musso Purple Belt
Prashanth Jayaram Purple Belt
Bhushan Gawale Yellow Belt
chilberto Yellow Belt
Kapil.Kumawat Yellow Belt
lanax Yellow Belt
M.Qassas Yellow Belt
M.Vignesh Yellow Belt
Maruthachalam Krishnamurthy Yellow Belt
Nourdine MHOUMADI Yellow Belt
??????? White Belt
Anthony Duguid White Belt
Asfaw Ayele(MCTS, MCP) White Belt
Atif-ullah Sheikh White Belt
Brian Nadjiwon White Belt
Cian Allner White Belt
Cloud_Crusader White Belt
Ehsan Sajjad White Belt
José Diz White Belt
Manish Misra White Belt
Marcos Roberto de Lima White Belt
Mark West (MDT_Dude) White Belt
Ousama EL HOR White Belt
Rahul_Dagar White Belt
S.Sengupta White Belt

Congratulations to all these Wiki Ninjas for gaining ranks this time round!

PS: Blog post banner comes from Vimal Kalathil!

— Ninja Kamlesh



Comments (19)

  1. Hi Kamlesh,
    i’ve been updated too, but Wiki Ninja Belt articles like this won’t show me (it’s been 3 or 4 upgrades i don’t show up). The upgrade is working (i’m currently purple belt), though

    1. Thanks for letting me know about this concern. Give me sometime to check your profile and will update you very soon.

    2. Hi Emiliano, After checking your profile what I found, Yes somehow your name missed in March 2017 belt update though you were promoted your rank to Purple belt. First of all congratulation for that and I am going to add your name in current month list.
      Now, please find progress towards next belt, where you are only require 18 more article edits.
      Has Wiki Contributor III Gold achievement medal
      Last Top Contributor win was 1/9/2016
      New Articles = 79/60
      Article Edits = 582/600
      Comments = 459/350

      1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Kamlesh

        1. You are always welcome Emiliano. Keep posting good article and share it with community.

  2. Glad to receive the upgrade, Thanks and congratulations everyone!!

    1. Congratulation Bhushan (Y) Keep posting good article and share it with community. It motivates new techie folks to write good articles 🙂

  3. My first time in Ninja Belt!! 🙂 Congratulations to all winners. Thank you Kamlesh for sharing this.

    1. You are most welcome mate, and thanks alot for your contribution 🙂 Keep posting good articles (Y)

  4. .paul. _ says:

    That’s excellent… Now i can see i need another nine articles for the Brown belt. Need a few more comments too, but i’ll probably solve that problem while posting nine new articles…

  5. Ehsan Sajjad says:

    Congratulations to all, Happy to see listed there, though i wasn’t even expecting and didn’t knew i was eligible for it. Thanks @Kamlesh

    1. Congratulation Ehsan and Thanks for your all contribution 🙂

  6. .paul. _ says:

    BTW. Congratulations to all of the other belt winners. Keep working at it…

  7. pituach says:

    Congrats Kamlesh Kumar on winning the Black Belt (1st Dan) 🙂

  8. Congratulation to all! Great to see Kamlesh – got the Black Belt

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