TNWiki Article Spotlight – SharePoint 2016: Detect SharePoint Edition Using SSOM C#

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I am on this platform from more than a decade and I have seen a lot of good quality articles. Some are lengthy with all details and graphics while some are relatively smaller and still great. Today, I am going to discuss wiki article: SharePoint 2016: Detect SharePoint Edition Using SSOM C# by M.Qassas. This is a short article with excellent contents worth reading.

There are many circumstances when we need to know version of a software. In the referred article M.Qassas explained very nicely about getting the version of SharePoint using SSOM C#. Everything has been concluded in short code-snippet:

public string Get_SPVersion()
return SPFarm.Local.BuildVersion.ToString();
catch (Exception)

Finally, author explains when we can get the version number using above code and when we can't.

I congratulate, M.Qassas for this short but worthful article.


Ninja Gaurav Arora

- Ninja Gaurav

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  1. pituach says:

    Thanks for sharing Gaurav 🙂

  2. Martin Tyler says:

    Thanks for sharing Gaurav , Congratulation M.Qassas.

    Your wonderful article helped me solve an old problem in my project. Where I could find the version but I searched again and again for an official article to get the SP 2016 Edition (SKU) but unfortunately I didn’t find it. At the end, I got your great article. And now I can get the SP 2016 Edition through the C#. Thank you!

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