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In this post I am sharing something different and unique that was never shared previously in any post (as per my knowledge). 

Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas Facebook Page Group Insight

Duration: Last 60 Days (July 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017)

This is a full proof example where all Technology world can see how TechNet Wiki family (community) works very closely and continuously in different timezone. We support our newbies and share the useful information with community. Facebook TechNet Wiki Ninja page always very helpful and direct Wiki author to write a wonderful articles in TechNet Wiki. Our Ninjas helps each other to build a very informative and knowledgeable world.

Now it's time to show the result of our hard work, and here it is,

Wow!! Simply amazing statistics 🙂 Let's go one by one for each category.

Top Contributors*

As we can see many active members contribute their knowledge or ask a question to our experts, and those questions are very helpful for others also. So now we have our top 10 contributors list, find your name, if not present in list keep posting and keep sharing 🙂

Contributors Posts
Soumitra Sengupta 8
Paul Long 4
Rajeesh Menoth 4
Ammar Hasayen 3
Nordine Shiny Combs 2
Marutha Chalam 0
Sabah Shariq 0
Gaurav Aroraa 0
Syed Shanu 0
Ehsan Sajjad 0


Age and Gender

Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas Facebook page is open for all techies, who can share their knowledge or eager for learn new things, but yes with discipline only. As per Group Insight, we have most of the members fall in two age limit,

  • 25-34 => 45.80% Men and 4.50% Women
  • 35-44 => 25.40% Men and 1.20% Women

Top Countries

Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas Facebook page have 826 members (last Count on August 31, 2017) from 82 different countries. OMG, really!! Our TechNet Wiki Ninjas are available from each corner of world and that is amazing part for our community. Now come to the list of those counties which give us most members of TechNet Wiki Ninjas. As Ronen and Ed Price said, we have many active members from India in Facebook group and below list shows the result. Keep sharing your knowledge and help other to grow their knowledge.

Countries Members
India 222
Turkey 125
United States 72
Pakistan 40
Israel 36
United Kingdom 21
Brazil 19
France 16
Sri Lanka 15
Azerbaijan 14


Top Cities

Our TechNet Wiki Ninjas are from 100 different cities as per statistics. And we have Istanbul (Turkey) from where most of the members are present in group. If you go little dip in Top Cities list and Top Counties list, you could see total 125 members from Turkey and in which 66 members are from Istanbul, that means around 50% of Turkish members are from Istanbul. Hurray !! 

Top Cities Members
Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey 66
Bangalore, Karnataka, India 53
Hyderabad, Telangana, India 22
New Delhi, Delhi, India 21
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 18
Izmir, İzmir Province, Turkey 18
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 16
Pune, Maharashtra, India 15
Sholinganallur, Tamil Nadu, India 13
Calcutta, West Bengal, India 10


There are some more section which are not mentioned here, if you want to know more about that please download the Excel sheet from Facebook page.

Congratulations to all our top Contributors! Community is doing a great job and every month we are getting a big amount of posts. Thank you everyone!

Keep contributing, keep reading, and of course keep in touch!!

— Ninja Kamlesh


*Top Contributors from last 28 days only as per Facebook standers.
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  1. Great explanation Kamlesh. It is so descriptive that one can know the power of this group.

  2. pituach says:

    I love to see the statistics 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Kamlesh

    1. Thank you Ronen 🙂 This is all because of you and our community members. 🙂

    2. Saeid Hasani says:

      Once upon a time, Ronen was predicted and made the future! 😉

  3. JimSarkah says:

    Great stats Kamlesh! Well done.

  4. Good to see the stats and it is explained very nicely. Thanks for sharing Kamlesh 🙂

    1. Thank you Maruthachalam 🙂

  5. Hey Hassan, if you are a technical person and love Microsoft technologies, welcome to join our TechNet Wiki Facebook group and share your knowledge.

  6. Great work Kamlesh 🙂 Thank you for sharing us

  7. I love to see the statistics. Funny.

    1. Thank you 🙂 You can visit Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas Facebook Group to see the full statistics 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing @Kamlesh 🙂 Good Job!

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