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What is the best way to learn things?

The whole internet is full of wise quotes about how to learn, because learning is hard. This is because we want a fast and high quality learning method. So, what is the most effective way to learn? I think there is no best one! There are some good methods, but there is no single solution for all people!

Well, what is worked for many of us is learning by teaching. We can learn a topic, but we have to dive vertically in it, so, one way is teaching it to others. When we want to express that topic to someone else, we will face many questions and issues which we have to bring solutions for them. This process makes our learning process very effective and fast enough. But, we cannot always find someone else to teach. One of the best ways for teaching others is writing blog posts and articles.

By writing articles for TN Wiki, you will have a guaranteed feedback. There are many experts who will help you to make it better. Also, there are many visitors who will leave comments on your article and some of them will ask their questions about the topic. There is also some sort of competitions which has their judges that will review your articles every month! So, as you see, you can find your audiences, someone else who will help your learning become more effective!

Thanks for reading!

Saeid Hasani

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