Wiki Life: How writing articles can impact on your career?

It's awesome to work as a technical person in a company forever, but it's rarely possible!

The business world usually changes fast and that stressful day will come when you have to leave your current company and looking for a new career.

How many hours did you spend on your current career, including making new skills, training yourselves, researching on new concepts and finding your own creative solutions? BTW, you must leave the company and you might have to start from the beginning! Because new company still don't know who you are! It's obvious and I didn't tell you a secret!

But, the secret is that if you want to change the game, you can start writing new articles about what you are the best in it, what you feel confident about! You probably say that all of the solutions was written before and I cannot find a new concept for witting about it! My response is that you can write it better than others! Because you write with your own writing style!

You can simply put your articles on your resume and of course they can boost it. If you looking for new job, then your next company will know about you more than others. Even more, if you want to start working as a self-employed consultant, your customers can rely on you.

  1. Writing on TN Wiki has some great benefits for you in the following ways:
  2. You can learn how to write an article
  3. Many experts will kindly improve your articles
  4. You publish your articles on a proven platform (search engines know TN Wiki well)
  5. There are monthly TN Wiki Guru competitions that you have your chance to win
  6. TN Wiki probably features your articles in its home page
  7. If you become an active author, TN Wiki will interview with you!
  8. More than all of them, you will find yourselves in a very friendly atmosphere in TN Wiki and you even can contact other many MVPs, even more you may finally become an MVP!

Not enough yet?

Thanks for reading!

Saeid Hasani

Comments (10)

  1. Jeff ANGAMA says:

    Thanks for the tips
    Also it helps focusing on what has been learnt and articulate it in the best way to reach others knowledge.

    1. Saeid Hasani says:

      Yes Jeff, the best way to learn is to teach!

  2. Fantastic! I’ve seen writing (and TechNet Wiki, specifically) help community members win awards and get jobs! Even big job moves where they moved their families to another country (like the US) and got a huge increase in salary and benefits. So there’s big opportunity. Thanks, Saeid!

  3. APBi says:

    Nicely written and a great article. I am sure this will inspire many others to start writing in their on way 🙂 Thank you Saeid…

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