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It's Wednesday and you all know today's blog post will be related TechNet Wiki life.

In today’s blog, I would like to give Tips for Picking Microsoft Technology and Topic for your article.

Selecting A Microsoft Technology to write an article about

In TechNet, only Microsoft technology-related articles can be published, so always be sure your article is related to Microsoft technology.

Are you working on Microsoft technology and interested to write your own article for the first time? Don’t wait for the right time. Always think this is the right time to start writing your own articles to help and guide others by sharing your knowledge.

Pick your favorite Microsoft technology and start writing an article on the same. Always write articles related to the latest Microsoft Technology. For example, if you like to publish articles related to ASP.NET then focus on publishing articles related to ASP.NET Core which is new for now. You can write on multiple Microsoft-related technologies so don’t fixate on one technology for writing articles. By writing on multiple technologies you can learn more and share more.

Selecting an Article Topic

Once you find your Microsoft Technology for your article, then you might be clear on what type of article you are going to write. Make a plan on how to write your article topic. Always pick your topic which is interesting and unique. Even if your article's related topic is available and published by many authors, don’t worry as you can differentiate the topic from others by writing it in your own style.

How to make our article unique and interesting for readers?

For example, if you want to write an article related to ASP.NET Core CRUD with Angular2, you can see from a internet search lots of articles will be published on the same topic on various communities by various authors. So, how can you make your own ASP.NET Core CRUD with Angular2 article unique and interesting?

For this you need to do a little research and hard work.
Writing article is an art.
Your article can be useful for many members, so always spend more time to write your article. Always plan with little innovative ideas on how to present your article uniquely from others.

Here is the tip once you find your topic. Use Google to search for articles related to your topic. Go through all the articles and see in detail how they have explained and what they have explained.

Once you have an idea and how others have presented their articles which is related to your topic, start thinking on how to present your article. It should be innovative and unique from other articles and also explain more details than others so that you can get more readers and be more helpful for starters. Keep in mind don’t ever copy other's content in your articles. Always show what you have and don’t ever share others content.

One of the best tips for writing good articles is to always focus on an audience for the beginner. If you focus on this audience, you will start writing your article with more caring as beginners should understand what you have explained. For this, you need to add in your article on basics of your topic, what your topic will cover, and how getting started with your topic and finally with a conclusion in your article. Always write the detailed article in step by step explanation from getting started 'til conclusion with more example and images.

Explain with real-life examples. Readers always expect examples for easy understanding. When you present your article with real-life examples from beginners to expert, they can easily understand your article in detail and also it will be easy for them to implement the logic in their projects.

If your topic has been already published by many authors, then focus on adding more real-life examples and also try to add some innovative ideas to make the article unique. For example, let’s consider the ASP.NET Core CRUD using Angular2 article. As we know, this topic might be published by many authors. Then how do we make it unique? What I did when I picked this topic to be published I added Angular2 animation with ASP.Net Core CRUD. This makes my article unique from others and I also explained with real-life examples how to perform CRUD operation. Here is the article link: ASP.NET Core, Angular2 CRUD with Animation using Template Pack, WEB API and EF 1.0.1 

Your small quality of contribution can help lots of members around the world. If you are new to TechNet Wiki and have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


Hope you all like this blog post. See you all soon in another blog post.

Thank you all.


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  1. Peter Geelen says:

    Great article, Syed!

  2. pituach says:

    I loved to read it 🙂
    great topic and tips!

    We have a phrase in Hebrew, which summarize the blog idea regarding making it unique 🙂
    “You should bring something from yourself to the table”

    PLEASE don’t simply copy the documentation, or give the read what he can get there! It is simpler to give a link to the source. You should bring something from yourself to the table 🙂

  3. Thank You Peter,Ronen and ken

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