Tuesday Article Spotlight – Secure Logic App endpoint with API Management by Abhishek Kumar

This Weeks Article Spotlight is also this month's Azure Guru Winner!

Secure Logic App endpoint with API Management by Abhishek Kumar


Abhishek dives into the world of API Management and takes us through the steps required to tap into a third party API. There is plenty of detail for the beginner and a nice scenario to follow. Last month also saw some strong competition for the Azure category. This was a good win and well deserved. Some good work went into this contribution.


This great article also generated some great feedback and general comments from the judges:

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: “Good write up.”
Gaurav Kumar Arora: “Nice , informative and in-depth article. Grammar need attention.”
Lasse Wedø: “Think this was a good article”
Dileepa Kariyawasam: “Nicely written. Good use of Images. Excellent.”
Eric Berg: “Thank you. Good Work!”
Kia Zhi Tang: “Nice Walkthrough Wiki article. It will great to include a Reference section for external links and a See Also section should be other related Wiki articles as you have mentioned TechNet Wiki has a lot of BizTalk related articles.”


Please be sure to drop by and help buff it to perfection. Or leave some words of gratitude if you found it informative or enriching!


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  1. Fantastic article! Aptly coverts the overview of API Management Service and it’s usage in the sample.

  2. Thank you Abhishek for a great Azure article this month!

  3. Peter Geelen says:

    Great spotlight! Keep these nice articles coming!

  4. Nice profile and great article.

  5. Thanks Ed Price and Peter Geelen !! TechNet wiki is diverse place to contribute to the community

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