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RSS iconI wrote a TechNet Wiki post a while back about subscribing to the Wiki Ninjas Blog in Outlook RSS feeds. I also profiled the article in a TNWiki Article Spotlight. Since then I have expanded the number of feeds I track and so I started searching for a new RSS and blog reader. I settled on Feedly to organise and read my feeds.

Using Outlook to read multiple article feeds was becoming unwieldy, and I found that it would often repeat a story several times. I wanted a simple web-based tool with a clean interface that has a mobile app that syncs my read lists across both. (If you want to read more about mobile, Alan Nascimento Carlos profiled the Feedly iOS app in an earlier Wednesday – Wiki Life post. You can also download the Android app here.) For these reasons I chose Feedly.

I subscribe to and read a lot of Microsoft blogs (some faves are Microsoft Azure Blog, Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog, Developer Tools Blogs) so it’s nice to have them all in one spot. The main thing though for this community is you can get the RSS feeds of both the Wiki Ninjas blog and its sister publication (Azure Development Community blog).



Feedly keeps a running total of unread blog posts and once you have read them you can mark them as complete. You can also tag or mark items to read later, push them to other services like Evernote, Pocket, or Instapaper, and share information with others through the interface. It has excellent Google integration through dedicated Chrome plugins and also via Google Keyword Alerts which you can save as their own source feed.

If you need a new RSS reader to follow the Wiki Ninjas blog feed, then check out Feedly.

Do you already use Feedly? POST a comment about a favourite feature or TELL US about a Microsoft blog we should all subscribe to!

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogMSDN ProfileMVP Profile)

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  1. Great post Ken, very informative and useful for all wiki readers as well as Wiki members 🙂

  2. I really appreciate the feeds that the Wiki gives you. It’s easy to take them for granted and think that all platforms have them. But they all don’t. Thanks, Ken!

    1. Thanks, Ed. And I agree about RSS feeds. When I was setting up my Feedly lists I was surprised by the number of sites that have dropped support for RSS.

  3. Sabah Shariq says:

    Nice post Ken! Me too also use Feedly to keep track of all feeds. And the best part of Feedly is that it can automatically detects the RSS feed link if that site has one, where other RSS readers detect the feed links for some sites and for others you have to manually copy and paste the RSS link.

    Some of the Microsoft blog I follow are .NET Blog, The Visual Studio Blog and also Channel9 videos too.

    1. Thanks Sabah for the feedback. I think we follow the same MS feeds but I never thought of adding the Channel 9 one. I am going to add that one now! 🙂

  4. pituach says:

    Useful post 🙂

  5. Peter Geelen says:

    Good point Ken, some times we need these kind of refreshers to keep up to date!

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