Friday International Update – Italian Community Update

Welcome to a new edition of our Friday International Updates! This time, we'll have a brief update about how things are going for the Italian Community.

As recently reported by Tomoaki (refer to:, the italian community occupies the seventh place in the Locale Tag Ranking, especially thanks to Piero Sbressa, which in the last months has produced a big number of articles (great posts in terms of quality too) that has been linked on our official blog.

Locale Tag Ranking - Feb. 2017

The italian community blog can be reached at: We have 28 published posts so far, hoping to increase in the next months. Counting 11 authors, 4 of them have been particularly active in the past period. On Twitter, our post can be tracked with the hashtag #technetwikininjasit.

In the last year, the active authors on our blog were:

Have a great Friday, and a good week-end as well.

Italian Wiki Ninja Emiliano
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Comments (2)

  1. This is fantastic! I’m glad to see the blog posting again!

  2. Farsi, Italian, and Russian are all very close on this list!

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