Calling all TechNet Gurus! PRIZE TIME!

After all these years of promises and hints, we can now reveal the very first REAL WORLD PRIZE of the TechNet Guru Competitions!


For many years, those more knowledgeable than us have been passing down their words of wisdom.

A society of ennobled technology leaders, that has grown year on year.

The energy and passion from these word wizards has radiated out across the community and enriched us all with a brighter future.

So now we offer up a small token of our deep gratitude and appreciation, for past, present and future contributions.


Chiselled from blocks of "SHEER AWESOME"!

A UNIQUE, once in a lifetime TechNet Wiki Guru Ninja fighting/writing pen!





Slender and aerodynamic - for maximum velocity!




Shaped to fit your fighting and writing style!




"So!" you ask, "How exactly do we get one?"

We award it!

Then we post it to you.


The first batch will be awarded to those Gurus who we decide are the "most worthy", over all the years we've been running.

That means not just number of medals, but also heavily biased towards article quality, technical content, comments and the month's comparative competition.


The second batch will be for more recent and currently active Gurus. Some special groups, and also as this year unfolds.


So now is the time to get involved again, if you've contributed before!

This first award item will never be repeated.

Future versions may be specific to year or category.


Calling all TechNet Wiki Gurus!
Calling all TechNet Wiki Gurus!

Unleash the knowledge!!


Thanks for reading.
Thanks for supporting!

Good luck to those deserve one!

Plus there are still opportunities for you to win one!

Pete Laker (Azure MVP)
MVP logo8507_PeteWikiNinjaStick_png-199x0




By atakino zane.


Comments (15)

  1. Wow ,I love the Give animation image,Advance wishes to all the first round winners 🙂

  2. Yes, the animation is great. And the pens are a wonderful idea.

  3. .paul. _ says:

    Pens look great. Great idea to award real prizes alongside virtual prizes and community advancement…

  4. Thanks Pedro – great idea.

  5. Awesome, thanks Pedro its a great idea!

  6. Wow !! Pen is the most powerful weapon 🙂 Great Idea , Thanks Pete Laker!

  7. pituach says:

    Thanks Pedro 🙂

  8. Awesome 🙂 I will get this pen soon! Thank you for sharing us Pete!

  9. Andy ONeill says:

    Those are very shapely pens, Pete.
    Did you end up buying them yourself?

  10. Maor Bracha says:

    Love it! Now all we need is a judges special edition 😉

  11. Peter Geelen says:

    I… want… that … pen..!

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