Announcing a Bug Fix and Is This a New Feature on TechNet Wiki? – Non-English TOCs

That banner is awesome. It's the "echNet Wiki Ninjas". Actually I think it's very creative. The ninja dude looks like an abstract "T". Anyhoo...
If you read the title of this blog, you were like, "New feature? What the?" But before I get your hopes up (or more like, right after I got your hopes up), I'd like to explain this and sufficiently deflate your elation.
This is a bug fix and "new feature" for non-English instances of TechNet Wiki. Specifically, the TOC of those instances. Big thanks to Peter Geelen for finding and driving the bug on our end and to the platform team for making the fix!
Now, to explain: we only have three non-English instances of TechNet Wiki:
  1. Portuguese (Brazil)
  2. Russian
  3. Chinese (Simplified)


You can access these non-English instances in the upper part of the Wiki:


Up there. You know, that probably would make more sense in English. What was I thinking? Here it is:



Okay, I think you got it now. That, of course, will make you wonder, "Where is Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and my language?" All good questions. Well, we wanted them and tried. Anyway...


On those three non-English instances, a bug was introduced on the TOCs that said in red text, telling us it couldn't find the TableOfContent.xml file (or something similar to that). It appeared instead of the text, "Table of Contents." But the actual TOC links were still there.


Well, it's now fixed. The platform team graciously replaced the file, and the message is gone!


This is where you ask a question like, "What? You can add a TOC? How in blue tornados do you do that?"


Astonishingly, Peter Geelen already wrote you that article: Wiki: How to Automatically Add a Table of Contents (TOC) to a TechNet Wiki Article


Yes, it's on TechNet Wiki (appropriate that an article about the Wiki is on the Wiki). And yes, it has a TOC. The really astonishing part is that I would have written the entire article with only this text:

  • Type in "[toc]".


But somehow Peter wrote this really long, excellent article instead. That's the astonishing part of that article. Enjoy!


Now back to the bug. Or actually, the new feature. This is where it gets interesting.


Originally, I believe all the TOC text (above the TOC links) said, in English, "Table of Contents". Even on Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.


So the potential new feature would be more like a second bug fix... translating "Table of Contents" into the appropriate languages.


For example, the Portuguese Wiki now has "Table of Contents" translated:

Migrando Servidor Email para Exchange Online - Remover Servidores Legados e Configuração de Coexistência


Russian examples:

Вики: Kак зарегистрироваться

Вики: О TechNet Wiki

Вики: Приступая к Работе

Chinese example:

如何成为 MVP 或 MCC (zh-CN)

使用 Excel 数据挖掘外接程序执行购物篮分析

Wiki:关于TechNet Wiki




I'll be back with an update!


Ninja Ed


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Comments (5)

  1. Great to have this fixed, and thanks to all that made it possible.

  2. Excellent feature for the Wiki. Thanks for posting Ed.

    1. Thanks! Also big thanks to Peter Geelen for driving the bug. I included the translation ask, and the team did a great job on it!

  3. Russian-language wiki — stillborn project.

    1. Well, we got some Russian interest. But not as much as a few of the other languages. Thanks, Denis, for all your community contributions! You have done some amazing things!

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