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According to me if a person who contribute innovative articles. Guide, help and encourage others to start contribution in TechNet Wiki community, then they are leaders of TechNet Wiki.

Here we see few important points needed to be fallow as a leader.

  • Important part to be a leader of community, they should, share each contribution to social media (Note: by sharing to social media the article will get popular and also our TechNet Wiki get popular). More the more TechNet wiki article be shared in Social Media, more and more peoples will come to know ,many members will come forward to learn and contribute for our wonderful community.
  • Talk to our similar filed friends and in social media about our TechNet Wiki Community. Explain them what and how we do contribute in our TechNet Wiki Community.
  • Talk to our similar filed friends and in social media about our TechNet Wiki Guru Awards.
  • Share our every month Guru result in social media, this will encourage others to come forward to start contribution.
  • Share with similar filed friends and Social media on what are all Technology can a member learn or contribute articles from our TechNet Wiki.

For example, here is the list of Technology a member can lean or contribute article.

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. BizTalk
  3. Forefront Identity Manager
  4. SharePoint 2010 / 2013
  5. Small Basic
  6. SQL BI & Power BI
  7. SQL Server General & Database Engine
  8. System Center
  9. Transact-SQL
  10. Universal Windows Apps
  11. Visual Basic
  12. Visual C#
  13. Windows PowerShell
  14. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  15. Windows Server
  16. Wiki and Portals

Be a community leader, start help and encourage others to start contribution. One of the best way to learning is by start teaching, so let’s create more contributor and let us guide them to learn more in better way.

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See you all soon in another blog post.

Thank you all.


Syed Shanu
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Comments (8)

  1. Oh! I didn’t even know this exists until today…
    Won’t we find the same information in MSDN, Technet and Technet Forums?

    1. pituach says:

      what are talking about?!?
      you did not TechNet Wiki articles exists or something else?

      1. Yes Pituach!

        Despite working since 1999 as a system administrator I just discovered the Technet Wiki with Syed Shanu’s post
        because I recently subscribed to some Microsoft RSS feeds.

        The fact is that when you make a Google search, you mostly of the time get answers
        from the Technet or MSDN library or from Stack Exchange.
        I didn’t even notice there was a Technet Wiki among all those results.

        Maybe because the Technet and MSDN library are so good made that my first reflex is to jump directly to those links,
        or maybe because Technet Wiky results appear on the Google’s second page or later…

        Probably there is something to do here to make the Technet Wiki more visible to the world 🙂

    2. Dear Luc Fullenwarth,
      This is community here we all to help others and also to get help from others to share and get knowledge,Hope this blog post explains on how we can help and get help from others to make a better community 🙂

      1. Hi Syed Shanu,

        I am fully ok with the community work.
        I find Wikipedia and other Wikis extremely useful.
        There are plenty of things I wouldn’t know without this community work 🙂

        I remember even the time where Wikipedia killed Microsoft Encarta…

        It really bothered me that Microsoft stopped the Encarta online dictionary.
        At its time, it was the very best online dictionnary.
        I dind’t find another one of such a quality since…

        My question was just: why should we spend time on writing Wiki documents,
        when 80% of what you need is already in the Technet and MSDN library?
        Beside thoose libraries, there is the Technet Forum,
        where you can get help from the community and even Microsoft’s support employees.

        Won’t Technet Wiki articles overlap with this existing documentation?

        What is the main and official goal of the Technet Wiki?
        To replace the official Technet and MSDN library?

        Furthermore, there is now Microsoft Docs which is also a community work.
        Do you plan to merge or migrate to there?

        Among all those sites and nearly redudant tools, where is the Technet Wiki’s place?

        If the Technet Wiki want to stand out, it has to show to the world
        what can be found here and which cannot be found somewhere else…

  2. pituach says:

    This say all “help and encourage others” 🙂

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