Hey, you’re not a pirate, but a TechNet Wiki Ninja, are you?

So, you have spent hours and hours writing a damn good article from scratch, super quality, great and interesting stuff that everybody should read.
Every little single character on that paper is yours, written by these master fingers you have.

And knowing that you have been investigating the topic in depth, researching the internet, the community, the forums and the Wiki.
So you've spent quite some precious time to collect an important mass of knowledge...

And you have been checking all these resources that your article is unique.

You're extremely proud of what you have written down, when you publish it.

Got that feeling? You know what I'm talking about?


SO, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, if someone just walks in or passes by on your blog, on your article.

SO, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, if someone just copies the content...?

SO, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, if someone strips your name from your article?

SO, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, if someone publishes your content?

SO, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, if someone puts HIS/HER name on it?

Pretty bad, right? RIGHT??


That pride would quickly turn in to frustration and could result in aggression, not?

[HERE: The mental picture of a cat/girl/kids fight]


You know what, for every part of the world, for every one of us:



More important, also national and international legislation, is very clear about this.

It really doesn't matter if you're an American, Brazilian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Persian, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, Dutch Belgian, Algerian, ... writer.
(BTW just check recent overview of the languages that participate in TNWIKI, by Tomoaki )


And I don't know why... but last few weeks, the SPAM rate has gone up again (I think I killed 300 spam items on 1 day... together with Richard Mueller)..
And more important, last few days, we found an important part of pirated articles, ... again... new pirates, old game.

Today I just realized, that it has been a while again, I have put forward the topic of piracy and fair play...


And now, I'm going to do something I hate: quoting my self. (AARGH!)
But I've written this before, and it's time to repeat.

Quote from: 2016, june 19: How much fair play do you got in your DNA?

It’s very tempting to score a quick win, but you’ll lose at the end. Your effort to publish an article will be annihilated very quickly and in the long run it will backfire at you.
Why? Any pirated content will be detected, if not now, then later. Your profile will be linked to pirated content forever as you can’t wipe history. (Internet has got a very nasty long term memory…) (*)

Sadly enough there is an important, significant side-effect on the community if someone is cheating.
We loose valuable members of the community who get discouraged and frustrated because it feels like playing foul game is being rewarded. It’s not!

Besides the Terms of Use, Codes of Conduct, and Governance Guidelines, I mentioned before, I want to reference to the Microsoft MVP Code of Conduct which is publicly available. You’ll notice it almost has no differences with the aforementioned guides.

The point here is, there is no discrimination, whether you’re a MSFT employee, affiliate, MVP, MCC, guest blogger, forum participant or ‘just’ a Wiki ninja or an active visitor commenting.

To remember: Know the rules.
To remember: The rules apply to everyone, no discrimination.

And more to quote:

All guidelines point to the same:

  • Be respectful, be considerate
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be responsible
  • Be yourself
    • use one profile (and make sure you can be contacted, eg by mail)
  • Be collaborative
  • No illegal actions
  • Be to the point
    • No spam
    • No off-topic discussions
  • Keep up to date on the rules and guidelines

So, what are the rules, then?
(Oh boy, here we go again...?)

Haha, no quote, just check this one again:

Remember:  “Ignorantia juris non excusat”.


Do you get the point?
We want you to be a fair and square Wiki ninja, not a pirate. (*)

We strive for original quality content on TechNet Wiki, nothing less (nothing more, but way more)

Scroll back to 2016, July 10: Sunday surprise: why strive for quality?.
Because the survival of TNWiki depends on it, and we're not ready to give that up.

(*) And pirates' a$$e$ do get kicked. Believe me.

Comments (12)

  1. Great post Peter! Thanks for all the words!
    Good questions and straight to the point that disconcerts who works for the light side of the force! ^^
    I like to think that one day we won’t have to write about it!

  2. pituach says:

    Important issue. Thanks for sharing Peter
    Unfortunately, but seems like we do need to post a reminder from time to time

  3. MELERIX says:

    sharing the knowledge or the works from others is not illegal, you just have to preserve the credits for the original author, and not profit from it.

  4. Well done, Peter!

    Plagiarism can get a real problem for a community. I personally found more than 800 plagiarized article in the last 4 years – and this was only my share. I think, the community is currently quite well trained to identify plagiarized articles. However, this is not enough. Your blog post addresses the root cause: Plagiarisms should not be created at all – and talking about the right mind set is a good approach.

    You can count on me!

  5. Great Post and must read blog for all contributors.Thank you for sharing Peter.

  6. I really appreciate finally someone talked about it. It’s really hurt when people just want copy someone else work with out permission or giving them a credit.
    Not only wikis i gone throw one book web development by using Microsoft Technologies most of the stuff were taken and just changed few but the words. People should write original and value content that can help others.

  7. soder says:

    What happened? Somebody posted on this blog content stolen from other source(s)?

  8. Fantastic reminders. Thanks, PG!

  9. I could not agree more. As a blogger this happens to often. Glad that you are enforcing it in the Wiki.

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