TNWiki Article Spotlight – Streaming Diagnostics Logs of ASP.NET Web App Hosted on Azure

Hello everyone, I welcome all of you to our TNWiki Article Spotlight of Tuesday.

Logging is one of the most powerful tools in toolbox of a programmer. It gives you data about what your code is doing, it helps you manage complexity and allow you to rapidly develop and debug software.

It's terribly underutilized tool that can provide tremendous benefits as it provides data about code which helps you gain insights into what your code is doing and how it's doing with increased visibility into code. 


If I talk about streaming diagnostics logs of an ASP.NET website hosted on Microsoft Azure (PaaS). There are many ways to do it, you may get stream using PowerShell,or maybe you are more convenient with Visual Studio or maybe you can try KUDU. This very article,

Streaming Diagnostics Logs of ASP.NET Web App Hosted on Azure App Service using KUDU, PowerShell and Visual Studio 2015

would help you out discover about streaming live diagnostics of a Web App in many ways. You may choose the way you like and may be some of they might be the ones untapped by you and they could make your development live easy. 

Hope you all liked it, we will e-meet again next week with another interesting blog post.



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  1. chilberto says:

    Thanks Saad for highlighting this article.

  2. Ha! I love the Steve Harvey image! Great post.

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