TNWiki Article Spotlight – Consuming Azure Storage’s Python SDK using PTVS

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Azure Storage is a cloud storage solution which enables new scenarios for applications requiring scalable, durable and highly available storage. Whatever programming language you use, its easy to consume Azure Storage Service using REST API provided by Microsoft or you might check if there's an SDK available. Microsoft is continuously improving its Azure Storage Service. Last week Microsoft released new capabilities for Azure Storage Service in which there is increase in maximum blob size and many new features are introduced. In case you want to study it thoroughly, this link is going to help you out.




I love how Microsoft is embracing Open Source, talk about SDKs of Azure micro services available for different languages or you may talk about support of different Open Source languages in Visual Studio e.g. Python Tools for Visual Studio - PTVS, Node tools for Visual Studio - NTVS and R tools for Visual Studio - RTVS .

How about developing a python console app or flask or may be a django app using PTVS (Python tools for Visual Studio) and it would be an awesome idea to consume Azure Storage Service using it's SDK available for Python.
This article on TechNet wiki

Consuming Azure Storage's Python SDK using PTVS

talks of consuming Azure Storage Service using its Python SDK inside Visual Studio using PTVS (Python Tools for Visual Studio). It's an amazing experience to develop python apps using Azure Storage Service with Visual Studio's intellisense and amazing debugging experience. Looking forward to learn about your experience with PTVS and Azure storage.

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  1. I was just using Python Tools for Visual Studio. It’s a very robust toolset! Thanks, Saad!

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