Wiki login issues

Just a quick Wiki logistics announcement...

Already for a few weeks, the Wiki is experiencing logon issues. The issue has been escalated to the platform support teams.
Have you been experiencing logon issues on the TNWiki like some your Ninja colleagues? Let us know!

Feel free to add you comments or notifications at the Wiki Forum thread that Richard Mueller started:

It's really helpful to get a correct view on the impact of the issue on the community.

As a work-around to the logon issue, don't surf to the Wiki directly, but logon the TechNet home page first:

  1. Go to
  2. Login (upper right)
  3. Then go to Wiki , by clicking the "Wiki" menu item (upper left)

Hope this helps!

And we're on top of it. If anything changes (or get fixed) we will let you know.

Comments (2)

  1. Thanks Peter, your workaround works for me using both Edge and IE 11 on Windows 10.

  2. Ah. I have had to switch to Chrome for Wiki edits. Good to know it isn’t just me. =^)

    Thanks PG for the workaround!

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