Wiki Life: Collaboration vs Competition?

All Wiki members want to see good results from their efforts, you can call it ROI (return on investment). They have been spending a lot of time to achieve a better TechNet Wiki along the time.

However, we need to keep balance in our Wiki Life. In my opinion, we need to achieve a more balanced model which respect both groups: competitive people and collaborators. It is obvious that a group of collaborative people wins over a group of competitors. While having a very collaborative team is a sort of perfectionism, on the other hand having a very competitive team will finally result in disengaged authors.

Let me focus on a specific use case as an example.

If we search articles in the TechNet Wiki, the result shows with the avatar of their last editor. Well it is an ultra-collaborative approach. Why? Because we grant the credit of that article to the last editor who applied even a minimal edit on top of a very hard work of the first publisher, just for the sake of the collaboration!

We have more use cases in the TechNet Wiki which could be in a suggested change list to achieve a more balanced model.
For the second sample, I believe that the first publisher deserves an “about the writer” section in each article. It should be there automatically when one publishes an article.

As the third use case, the avatar of the first publisher in his article should become larger than the avatar of the last editor.

Although, there are more uses cases to achieve a better balanced model, you can leave your comment here, so we can make a wish list.

Have great nights and nice days!

Saeid Hasani

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  1. great post Saeid Hasani,Thank you for sharing.
    Two points from my side
    1) Always all the credit should be goes to the first publisher,as he’s the main author of the article.(The reason why iam telling is if suppose an author really written well quality of article with all Technet Wiki rules applied and even the code format html catchy all look’s good.And some members just click edit and not do any changes and if the editor get’s credit it will be meaning less)
    2) For the friends who edit the article really they no need to get the credit as they are our TechNet family and want to improve the quality of articles which published in our TechNet.(In this point i like to add if suppose first author wrote bad quality of article and the editor do lots of changes for the article to make more better to present our TechNet friends and if the original author alone got the credit and editor not get credits it will be again its questioning one here).
    Now the present system is looking good as both of first author and editor get the credit .All are here to contribute to help others than getting points so lets be happy with our contribution 🙂

    1. Saeid Hasani says:

      Thanks! 🙂
      And about point two, I think we could see a clear line between various types of editors.
      I think there is a more clear line between the first publisher who have made the original content and the next next editors.
      The rule of thumb! 😉

  2. Peter Geelen says:

    If you want to suggest new features, or updates to current features, please check:
    You can always add ideas and feedback.

    1. Saeid Hasani says:

      Thanks Peter! 🙂
      I wish you added these URLs to the original post before publishing it! Thanks so much again for revising and publishing this post! 🙂

  3. I love the idea of a Wiki bio!

    1. Or even better, Wiki stats about the author only, like medals won (for Guru and Weekly Top Contributors)!

      1. Saeid Hasani says:

        Thanks Ed!
        Fascinating idea! One step forward! 🙂

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