TNWiki Article Spotlight – ASP.NET Core 1.0 & Application Insights

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ASP.NET Core 1.0 launched in the summer after many beta iterations. The latest version of ASP.NET Core is the next evolution in the ASP.NET Framework. Microsoft has stripped down the traditional web programming framework and evolved it into something that is leaner and cross-platform compatible. In doing so, they have again created excitement around ASP. NET web development.

As Microsoft builds up the framework they need to add existing ASP.NET functionality into ASP.NET Core. Coupled with this, developers need to re-learn how to use these additions in the new context.

An example is integrating Application Insights into an ASP.NET Core application. Application Insights provides developers with a way to monitor live web applications by streaming telemetry data into Azure. It first appeared approximately two years ago and it has slowly been worked into native ASP.NET web apps within Visual Studio.

Microsoft MVP João Eduardo Sousa talks about Application Insights integration with ASP.NET Core apps in his TechNet Wiki article entitled ASP.NET Core 1.0 - Configure Application Insights. João first shows how to provision an Application Insights resource. He then creates an ASP.NET Core web application within Visual Studio to stream telemetry data.

If you ever wanted to know how Application Insights can be used with ASP.NET Core, start with this article.

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogMSDN ProfileMVP Profile)

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