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Last week I visited my first Microsoft MVP Summit and talk to many friends about our TechNet Wiki. Most of the new friends not aware about how to contribute articles for TechNet Wiki. I thought to write a blog post which will explains in details about how to start contributing to TechNet wiki.

Start contribute to become as  a Wiki Ninja


Why You Need to Contribute for TechNet

TechNet is a Lovely community, once you start contributing it’s not that much easy for you to stop contribution as you love the entire system here. Example we can say Monthly Guru, once you start contribution and added your article for Monthly Guru Winner Entry , received your first medal as monthly winner, you will not stop to receive the medal every month. There are other lots of benefit for the new members who start contributing in TechNet wiki, here is the list of members benefit in TechNet wiki,

  • Monthly Guru Winner as (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
  • Publish article directly in Microsoft TechNet Wiki site.
  • Chance to get Interview.
  • Chance to get Wiki Ninja Belt
  • Chance to Interact with many experts in TechNet Skype Group
  • Share your article links in TechNet Wiki Facebook and Twitter.
  • Meet and have more fun with TechNet MVP’s in Summit
  • If you are MVP, then Chance to become as Judge for TechNet.
  • Chance to become as a TechNet Wiki Blogger.

Note: The Important thing is everything in this list are automatic which means when you reach some levels you will get all benefit one by one without any recommendation. Without hard work, it’s not easy to reach any level, so start contributing today and write quality of article’s in TechNet to reach your level. All your contribution will be noted and you get benefit one by one for your hard work.  Start play your role in TechNet.

Wiki Ninja Soccer Player


Keep in Mind before start Contribution

  1. Don’t ever contribute for awards and rewards. Start contributing to help others. Your small contribution of code can help 1000 and 1000’s of peoples for years. If you give quality of articles all the awards and rewards will fallow you.
  2. Always contribute quality of article and don’t look for your quantity of articles.
  3. Always share your own content and share only Microsoft related contents.
  4. Once published your article don't  forget to add your entry in Monthly Guru Winners
  5. Share your article links to TechNet Wiki Facebook to get feedback from our members.
  6. In your article don't  use  external images.
  7. Don't give your personal blog links or any other 3rd party links.
  8. For Source Code upload use TechNet Gallery  or Microsoft MSDN .Don't give any external link for source code download.
  9. Avoid "I","Me","My" in your article, always use "WE","OUR" ,for example instead of "In my article" use "In our Article" ,instead of "I will explain" use "We will explain"
  10. Once you publish your article in TechNet its no more of yours ,means any TechNet members  can edit your article.But you will be the main author and all credit will goes only to you.Unless need no one will edit your article, Chance of edit by other members if your article has format issue,tag missing, Table of Contents (TOC) missing ,to improve grammar and code,so always write quality of article and fallow all the wiki guidance before publishing your article.
  11. Read the below content for how to contribute article in TechNet Wiki.

How to Contribute Article in TechNet Wiki

Many friends have asked me this question as how to contribute in TechNet Wiki. This blog post will be useful for all the friends who have question as how to contribute in TechNet Wiki.

Before start writing articles kindly read all this articles which will explain in detail about what and how to post article

Hope you all have registered to be login in TechNet Wiki, you can use Microsoft account to login to TechNet wiki and go to Wiki TechNet Articles

( )

Here in left side you can see 4 tabs as All pages, New pages, Updated pages and My Pages. To edit your old articles, click on My pages in left side tab and click your article for edit.


In TechNet, we need add all this to in our article

  • Pick your Microsoft Technology Category
  • Give appropriate Title for your Article
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Introduction,
  • Add Images,
  • Add code part in Code Block,
  • Always include Source Code download link,
  • Add conclusion,
  • Add Tag
  • Pick your Microsoft Technology Category

Select any one of your favorite Categories from the list below  and  start writing your article.

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. BizTalk
  3. Forefront Identity Manager
  4. SharePoint 2010 / 2013
  5. Small Basic
  6. SQL BI & Power BI
  7. SQL Server General & Database Engine
  8. System Center
  9. Transact-SQL
  10. Universal Windows Apps
  11. Visual Basic
  12. Visual C#
  13. Windows PowerShell
  14. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  15. Windows Server
  16. Wiki and Portals
  17. Miscellaneous

Note:In Miscellaneous category you can write any other Microsoft technology which is not listed here for example like,ASP.NET,MVC,ASP.NET Core,Office 365 and etc.

  • Give appropriate Title for your Article

To publish your new article in right, you can find Post an Article Link to post your new article.(


  • In the top give the Title for your article,
  • In Editor start writing article
  • Add Tag for your article
  • Save and Publish your article.

We will see one by one in detail to write our successful article in TechNet Wiki.

  • Table of Contents (TOC)

Kindly check my previous blog post which explain in detail about how to add Table of Contents (TOC) for article

  • Introduction Part

Always give very detailed introduction about your article. Your article Introduction should explain in details about What the article is, To Who the Article is, How to use your article sample and what result the user get from your article.

  • Add Images

This is very important part of every article. Always upload your images from Editor and use the image and try to avoid providing any other Microsoft site link for images or 3rd party blog side image links.

To add image in your blog

Click on Insert Image from editor


Browse and select your image to be inserted and after upload completed click insert to add the image in your article.


  • Add Code Part in Code Blocks

Always add your code part inside code blocks. To add code in code blocks, click on Format Code Block from editor


Copy and paste your code part to be add all your code part in Code Blocks.


  • Always include Source Code Download.

This is important part for articles. If your article has any solution and sample program, then always attach the download link in your TechNet Wiki article. In TechNet wiki, you can’t upload source code directly in the article .

To upload Sample Code Source zip file use Code.MSDN or TechNet Gallery to upload your source zip code and in TechNet wiki article provide the link to download

Click this link for uploading Sample to Code.MSDN

Click this link for uploading sample to TechNet Gallery

After uploading your sample in any one link provided above.

Give the uploaded source code link to your TechNet Wiki article.

  • Add Tags

Add all tags related to your article.


There are few more important tags you need to add always like

 en-US,has code, has image,has See Also,Has TOC,

Other than this you can add your Name example I will add my name as Syed Shau, MVP

Adding article for Monthly Guru Award List

TechNet Guru Awards

Don’t forget to add all of your new articles to the current month article Guru Awards. Check this link to know more about Monthly Guru Awards

All are welcome to contribute at TechNet Wiki.Your small Quality of contribution can help lots of members around the world.If you are new to TechNet Wiki and have questions feel free to ask in comment section.If you are new and like to contribute for TechNet Wiki then start from today.

Hope you all like this blog post.To know more in detail, check all this links.

See you all soon in another blog post .

Thank you all


Syed Shanu

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  1. Simply Awesome article Syed Shanu!! Thanks a ton for sharing

    1. Thank You Mandar Dharmadhikari

  2. Thank you for excellent written. Thank you for sharing us.

  3. Akampa says:

    Thank you for sharing , very useful info

  4. This is one of the highly informatics and attractive blogs that has not only educated also informed me in a very effective manner. There are very few blog like this one I have read.

  5. Nice one, Syed. Great depth.

  6. chilberto says:

    Thanks Syed. Much appreciated.

  7. pituach says:

    It’s very good summary, we can use it as a base for lecture about the TechNet Wiki. I want to lecture about the TechNet Wiki at our next MVP local meeting, and maybe I will succeed to bring more authors… who knows… This blog can be helpful.

    1. Thank You Ronen. ” I want to lecture about the TechNet Wiki at our next MVP local meeting, and maybe I will succeed to bring more authors” That will be more great ,Hope andI wish all our Technet friends share in FB and in twitter about this blog and let’s make minimum 10 to 15 contributotrs per technology from 2017.

  8. Simply awesome! Congrats to make it in Friday five 🙂

  9. Reasons why MVPs should post their technical content on TechNet Wiki (in addition to a personal blog):
    1. It adds to your MSDN/TechNet Recognition Points, tying into your profile, along with the forums and MSDN/TechNet Gallery.
    2. You have the opportunity to win Guru awards, and prove how the community values your content. The judges are Microsoft employees and other MVPs, so you get valuable recommendations on your content and get to know what makes your articles so great!
    3. You’ll likely get a lot more views.
    4. The community edits are closely monitored, so you’ll get tags added and broken links updated. Maybe a spelling mistake corrected or obvious grammar issue fixed. Because the edits are monitored, you’ll only get good edits. The quality goes up, and you don’t have to be the one to do it!
    5. Engage more with the existing MSDN/TechNet community in comments and conversations about your articles.
    6. Your content gets tied into existing articles (as See Also links), portals of articles, cross-links, and tags. So many more avenues open up to access your articles!
    7. You can easily collaborate. You can write it up and have a fellow MVP jump on and make some quick edits. You can track exactly what was changed and decide to revert it in one click.

    So I don’t think Wiki replaces blogs, but it definitely should be leveraged.


  10. Thank you SYED for sharing this with us 🙂
    As a beginner ,I was looking ho to write code on TechNet Wiki where to upload the the content,What are the things
    You Explained very well all the points in this post ,got what i was looking for.

  11. Viknaraj says:

    It’s really very helpful for myself, I got lot of information’s, thank you for sharing!!!

  12. Awesome article. Thank you for sharing us.

  13. When i Click on “Post an Article” i get an error stating “You do not have enough privileges to post an article”

    1. In order to contribute article in TechNet wiki you need to have some basic points brother,To gain points you can start answering in TechNet Wiki Forums or If any article needs improvement you can edit and update that article by this way you can gain some points and then you can share articles.

  14. Thanks, Very Informative article for me

  15. Hi, When I tried to add my article, I clicked Add Page menu, and I am getting message like “Sorry you don’t have enough privileges to post an article on the Wiki.” Please advice what next should I have to do ?.

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