Council Spotlight: Who are the Wiki Ninjas blog authors?


Who are the contributors to the Wiki Ninjas Blog (the official blog of Microsoft TechNet Wiki)? The folks are listed in chronological order. It includes a status of whether they are an employee (MSFT), were an MVP, or MCC, and the date of their first blog post. (If they were an MVP or MCC while they were an author, we will leave that title up, even if the status changes.)

Here's the list (chronologically ordered):

  1. Ed Price - MSFT (10/30/11)
  2. Peter Geelen - MVP (12/6/11)
  3. Steef-Jan Wiggers - MVP, MCC, Partner (12/10/11)
  4. Horizon Net - MVP (3/29/12)
  5. Margriet Bruggeman - MVP, MCC (5/19/12)
  6. XAML guy/Pete Laker - MVP, MCC, Partner (10/24/12)
  7. Tomoaki Yoshizawa - MVP, MCC (1/4/13)
  8. Sandro Pereira - MVP, MCC, Partner (7/22/13)
  9. Hezequias Vasconcelos - MCC, Partner (8/28/13)
  10. Naomi N - Partner (10/28/13)
  11. Carmelo La Monica (3/2/14)
  12. Alan Nascimento Carlos - MVP, MCC, Partner (3/4/14)
  13. Davut EREN (3/9/14)
  14. Recep YUKSEL - Partner (11/11/14)
  15. Jaliya Udagedara - MVP, MCC, Partner (12/15/14)
  16. Jefferson Castilho - MVP, MCC, Partner (6/8/15)
  17. Saeid Hasani (8/5/15)
  18. Ronen Ariely (aka Pituach) - MVP, MCC (10/29/15)
  19. John Naguib - MVP, MCC (11/8/15)
  20. Emiliano Musso - MVP, MCC (11/13/15)
  21. Chen V - MVP, MCC (11/19/15)
  22. Ken Cenerelli - MVP, MCC (02/24/16)
  23. Erdem Avni Selcuk - MVP, MCC (8/1/16)
  24. Syed Shanu - MVP, MCC (8/3/16)
  25. Kamlesh Kumar (9/16/16)
  26. Daniel Christian (9/19/16)
  27. Saad Mahmood (other profile) - MVP, MCC, Partner (10/17/16)
  28. Santhosh Sivarajan - MVP, MCC, Partner (TBD)
  29. Danish Islam (TBD)
  30. Renato Groffe (TBD)
  31. Waqas (TBD)


We have 31 of them! Wow! Well, we have 27 current authors who've published at least one blog post.

And over the last year or two, many of our bloggers became Microsoft MVPs! Congrats go out to Pete Laker, Jefferson Castilho, Ronen Ariely, and John Naguib! And before that, we've had other Wiki Ninjas on this list become MVPs, like Horizon Net (Jan), Margriet Bruggeman, Tomoaki, Alan Carlos, Jaliya, Emiliano, Chen V, Ken C, Erdem, Syed, Saad, and Santhosh. (Correct me if you were an MVP before authoring on the Wiki.) And then the other MVPs (Peter Geelen, Steef-Jan, and Sandro) were MVPs long before joining the Wiki. I'm not saying that you become a Microsoft MVP if you're a Wiki Ninja, but it certainly helps! Especially because these are the MVPs who are blog authors. The list is even longer for those who contributed to the Wiki and became MVPs and aren't blog authors!

Anyhoo, we're looking forward to some first posts from the newer members! When they post their first blog post, the date to the right is added, along with a link to their first post!

So a big Thank You goes out to all our Wiki Ninja blog authors! And to our future blog authors, read this:

Thank you all for your community awesomeness!

- Ninja Ed

Comments (22)

  1. Nice one Ed!

    To your point about “I’m not saying that you become a Microsoft MVP if you’re a Wiki Ninja, but it certainly helps!” I know for a fact that it does help. Microsoft loves when MVPs contribute back to MSDN blogs and MSDN Forums. This information reflects favourably on you and your standing in the MVP community.

    So, contribute quality articles to start earning a good reputation within the Wiki Community. Prove that you are willing to be here for a long time and you will be asked to become a Wiki Ninjas Blog author. And after that, only good things can happen!

  2. Nice Informative Post Ed…!! The link does show the right path to those interested in blogging here ..(I look forward t be a one in future,, :))…Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. The statistics definitely tell a solid story. But I should also say that some authors have been trying to become MVP a very long time. So that shows that it’s a combination of a few things.

      Mandar, it looks like you’re on your way to 20 wiki articles and 30 blog comments. You already have the 100 Wiki edits and 30 Wiki comments. Another step is to interview you. Do you have some links to your wiki articles? I can’t find any in your activity. I think it’s because I’ve been voting and proposing so many of your posts on the BizTalk forum lately. It made everything else cycle off your Activity list! =^)

  3. Wow.. Nice to see my name in this list, Now I can say I am a Wiki Ninja blog author too 🙂
    But really TechNet Wiki and Blogs very helpful for us and all other folks. I love to share my knowledge to others and learn new things from others. Thank you Ed 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Kamlesh!

      Yes, there have even been two new authors after you! =^)

  4. Thanks Ed.
    Yes, I am an MVP. I believe you have associated my wrong email address with Wiki. That is the reason I can’t publish any articles. I will contact you offline.

    1. Sounds good. We’ll see if we can figure out what happened. Thanks!

  5. Also, looking forward to meeting everyone again at the MVP summit in 2 weeks!

    1. Yes! I’ll see you at the MVP Summit!

  6. Thank you ED Price,Its honor to be part of Wiki Ninja blogger.

    1. You’re welcome, Syed! I always look forward to reading your blog posts, because they’re very well thought out!

  7. Great post Ed ! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to all those who recently got added to this list. Great going by all. 🙂

    1. My pleasure, Geetanjali! Thank you for your contributions to the community!

      For anyone else reading this, here is Geetanjali’s interview, from back in July, 2014:

  8. pituach says:

    Great post, Thanks Ed 🙂

    By the way, every time I see “listed in chronological order” I remember several year back, someone that changed his name to something like “a.a…”. He always was in the first place. Personally, I prefer the Hebrew order… Since usually we write the family name first 🙂

    1. Ha! Yes, one time my dad named a company “A to Z Escrow” so that it would appear first in the phone books and other lists! =^)

      For this list, it’s chronological, listing the oldest “first blog posts” first. That’s why my name is on the top. From 2011, you can see that we still have Peter Geelen (he was an MVP at that time, then later a Microsoft employee, and now a Microsoft Vendor) and Steef-Jan. Then, from 2012, we still have Horizon Net, Margriet, and Pete Laker! All three became MVPs after joining the team. (Although Margriet was previously an MVP and all of them deserved it for a myriad of reasons.) But it’s cool to see how long some of the authors have stuck with the blog!

      Thanks, Ronen!

      1. pituach says:

        You forgot another step in Peter’s history: MVP between the Microsoft employee, and now a Microsoft Vendor
        He got MVP again and then become Microsoft Vendor 🙂

  9. Nice, happy to stick around for another couple of years!

    1. Nice! We’re glad to have you here with your deep integration write-ups!

  10. Great list Ed ! Thanks for sharing.

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