Sunday Surprise – What’s up with Azure Mobile Apps?

It’s Sunday! I hope all of you are enjoying amazing weekend. Let's talk about Azure mobile apps today.

Recently Microsoft announced Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK 3.2.0 Release. With some major improvements, Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK supports iOS10 with Swift 3.0.

As per Azure App Service Team Blog here are some enhancements done,

  • Extended support for Refresh is not available.
  • As iOS 10, Swift 3.0 and Xcode 8.0 are the latest ones in iOS world, Mobile Apps iOS SDK extends support for all these.
  • Not only this, they also have optimized network performance.

TechNet wiki is always an amazing hub for learning and getting started, we have some really amazing articles on Azure Mobile Apps. Few of them are,

How to add Azure Mobile App to an UWP App

Real-time chat UWP application using Azure Mobile App and SignalR

Azure Mobile App Service - Get personal info of authenticated users

If you get a chance to work with iOS SDK for Azure Mobile Apps, we encourage you to write about it on TechNet Wiki or if you already have written any article on Azure Mobile Apps (iOS, Android or UWP) do comment its url below.

I would like to wrap it up here and wish you all a lovely day.

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  1. These are some great improvements! And I’m glad to see some fantastic Azure Mobile articles on TechNet Wiki!

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