TNWiki Article Spotlight – What is .NET Core 1.0

Hello readers, a new Wiki Ninja is here. It's my first interaction with you & I welcome all of you to our TNWiki Article Spotlight of Tuesday.

.NET Core is basically a development platform maintained by Microsoft and .NET Community but amazing thing about it is that it's Open Source and thousands of developers are aggressively contributing to it.

Our today's TNWiki Spotlight article is about .NET Core. Don't know much about it? Don't worry,

 "It's never too late to begin."

It's time to being your journey of learning more about .NET Core and this article Exploring .NET Core | What is .NET Core 1.0 by Imran Javed Zia would give you insight of .NET Core with its advantages and some of the limitations. It also talks about .Net Core's stability, performance and other aspects that one might consider while targeting  .NET Core.

This article is actually part of a series named as Exploring .NET Core. It talks about the fundamentals of .NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, Database connectivity and CRUD operations. Moreover the use of animated GIFs throughout the series would make it easier for you to grab the concept.

Exploring .NET Core [Series]

  1. What is .NET Core
  2. How to install .NET Core
  3. Welcome to ASP.NET Core 
  4. ASP.NET Core project structure
  5. ASP.NET Core MVC - Model
  6. ASP.NET Core MVC - View
  7. ASP.NET Core MVC - Controller
  8. ASP.NET Core MVC  tag helper
  9. Connecting SQL Server Database
  10. CRUD Operations 

So if you are a beginner and want to get started with .NET Core. You are just a click away.

Hope you liked it. Wish you an awesome Tuesday!

 Wiki Ninja - Saad Mahmood

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  1. pituach says:

    Congrats on your first post in TechNet WIKI blog 🙂
    Nice choice of a series of articles!

    Imran Javed Zia also started another great series of articles for “ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC”.
    Well done Imran !

    >> With that been said, while the content is very good and useful, there is some issue that must be fixed!
    1. The articles use external images, which is not acceptable in WIKI. Contact should be part of the article, under the article licence! Moreover, using images in external website creates dependency in external resources.
    please read this blog
    2. The first series, which you brought, missing the links to all the other articles in the series 🙂
    It is done perfectly in the second series.
    3. There are other articles in the TechNet WIKI related to the same topic. These article are not separated but but of the WIKI, and other articles should be mentioned as well. Any article should have a section for references or “see also” which brings more links to read (resources, documentation, other articles…).

    1. Pituach, I really appreciate your feedback. This will help me a lot to improve my articles. I will try my best to take care of highlighted pointed for sure.

      1. pituach says:

        Good day Imran 🙂

        * My name is Ronen Ariely (pituach is simply a “random” nickname for online communities)

        you are welcome to join the Microsoft Official TechNet WIKI group on Facebook, where you can find all the authors and other judges. Big part of the discussions in the group is regarding new articles. It’s good place to give/get feedback on articles. Our goal is to help people post the best article. The monthly Guru competition we have is one of the means to improve quantity of articles, and more important improving the quality of the articles.

    2. And what a great way to get started!

  2. Very Nice pick saad and congratulation for your first blog post 🙂

  3. Sabah Shariq says:

    Nice pick Saad. This series of article will be great help for beginners. Great work Imran 🙂

  4. Saad, this is a fantastic collection of .NET articles on TechNet Wiki! Great collection!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Usman Y says:

    Good Work Saad and Imran Javed Zia.

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