Sunday Surprise: The Wiki X-factor for impact creation

Although I have been juggling around with a few blog post ideas, filling this Sunday surprise, I originally did not plan to jump in for this weekend. How little did I know how quickly it would change...
An agenda hick-up for last weekend changed the plans for this weekend... and I'm more than glad to jump in as backup...

So ... juggling... evaluating the topics... barely realizing that a known Microsoft specific seasonal buzz was popping up again.
For some years I know, in CEST time zone, the 16h00 timeframe is important when the seasons change, other people probably have broken their F5 refresh button... but this time I didn't pay attention to it (as I must admit, I'm a Wiki addict, not a mail addict watching my mail and Twitter every second)... having some fun family time.

Later that night I was catching up on the news from the Wiki channels ... good news ... we've got a growing group of TNWiki (*) MVPs , also on the Brazil channel.

(*) The TNWiki technology is not yet part of the program, just talking of "experts publishing great stuff on TNWIKI".

How about you, are you aspiring to become an MVP?
Last week a short blog post was published on the MVP blog: How to become an MVP.
Obviously it's pointing to the website, but you should navigate to 3rd "Explore" submenu, what it takes to get there...

I won't repeat everything that is published there (piracy and copyright, you know), but there are 2 utterly important suggestions where the TNWiki can enforce your visibility and impact on the community

  • Creating content
  • Helping others

So come over to TechNet Wiki, and if already on our side, step up the pace.
We do need more content, more quality.
In return the Wiki will start working for you, creating visibility and impact!

Actually exactly 2 months ago, Ed Price posted on this very blog... "Wiki Life – Should I contribute on TechNet Wiki to earn recognition points?"

"On Wiki, you get points down the road, for articles you wrote or edited that get big page views. So Wiki is more of a slow burn with Recognition Points. It doesn’t come at once. You can’t strike it rich with points by jumping on and going nuts for a month. That’s the way the Forum works. Wiki could take years. But, the good news is that you’re able to get more points for less work in the long run.

And if your article is bad, it won’t get shared, tweeted, Facebook’d, etc. And it won’t travel as high up the SEO and ultimately won’t get the views. So for Wiki, taking time and quality gets points, not writing more bad articles.

Forums is the sprint and wiki is the marathon."

So, get in shape and start running!

Like any athlete.. if you prepare well you get better results and return-on-investment with less effort.

There is one more thing, carefully keep track of your community efforts, Wiki, Gallery, blogs, forums ...
No one else will do it for you, so you might consider to start a user page for tracking (condition: you need Wiki content to get started).

It helps... promise.



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Comments (5)

  1. The quote from Ed Price is spot on. It takes time, but good Wiki articles can result in points for years.

  2. Nice one, Peter. It is definitely a marathon for sure.

  3. Great write-up!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for well written. Thanks for sharing

  5. These are fantastic resources, Peter!

    This is good. I like how you expanded on the marathon metaphor! And the User Page is an excellent suggestion to track your progress and build a powerful portfolio of your quality content! But the key there is to ensure it’s quality. =^)

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