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In this blog we will see in detail why article authors need to be active in combination of both Wiki Life and in Social Media.

Why we need to be active in Social Media?

Sharing our knowledge as article to other's are great art. All authors moto is every article which they published should reach the maximum reads. Even our simple solution can help 1000’s of peoples. The authors responsible are not only end with publishing the article. They also have the responsible as how they marketing the article to reach the maximum readers count.

One of the best and powerful ways to market or make famous about our article is Social Media. Today social media is the powerful platform to share easily with tons of peoples around the world. Another benefit you will get is chance of more peoples can share with others. If our article is good and more peoples like to read about it surely they will share with others by this our article get popular and in google search it can reach at the top place.

How and in which Social Media we can share?


  • TechNet Wiki Facebook Page: Always share your article links to TechNet Wiki Facebook Page. By sharing article links to TechNet Wiki Facebook Your article will be reaching to many peoples, you can get good feedback, which will improve your writing skills and also you can learn more from experienced authors. You can also meet mostly all of our TechNet members in Facebook and also you can share your personal information with others to be more social in community. Here is the link to TechNet Wiki Facebook Page.
  • Personal Facebook Page: Share with your Facebook page.
  • Share on Technology Facebook page: Today we can found lots of Facebook page and Groups for each Microsoft technology, for example, Microsoft ASP.NET FB page and groups. We can see lots pages and groups related to ASP.NET. Firstly found all the Facebook pages and groups which share articles related to ASP.NET, like the pages and try to be member of the group. All this pages and groups are created for sharing our knowledge with all. When ever published new article always share with these pages and in groups. Few groups and pages can be as closed and only admin or few members can share the post; In that case you can request admin to post your article link. If your article link is good and will be useful for many members they will share it.

Few Tips to share in Facebook:

  • Article Title: Always keep your article title short and meaning full and always include your technology in your article title. For example if you article related to C# OOP then give the title as “Basic of C# OOP” or “Beginners guide to C# OOP”. Title is very important for an article. Even many members can start reading your article by seeing the title. Another important is always think how we usually search samples in Google. If I’m a C# beginner then ,I usually search in google as “Basic of C# OOP” or “C# OOP for beginners” This is very important as if we keep our article title matching with Google search then in very few days lots of chance as our article can be as top in google search.

If you ask me what is the relation between article title and Facebook sharing. It has the major relation. Few peoples just share article link alone in Social media. It is not good way to share. Always share with your article title and link.

  • #Tag with your Technology: Always share your article with your technology # tags. For example share with #ASP.NET,# MVC,#WEB API ,#SharePoint and etc.


Twitter: Another powerful social media is Twitter. Always tweet your article with your Technology name in twitter. If we add our Technology name in our tweet many peoples can see our tweet and chance of retweet by this our article can reach many readers.

Other Social Media:

There also few more Social media like Google Plus, LinkedIn and etc. We can share our article to this entire social media.

YouTube: Last but not least .If you write some long article and need to explain lot about your work, then kindly record a video and explain in detail about your article share it in YouTube; this is one of the best ways to teach and share our knowledge to others.

If you have published very good article and you think this will be useful for years and years then every 3 month once share again with all social media by this you can get new readers and more the people get benefit is success of the good article.

Finally, always ready to answer all the comments received in Social media and in your article page. You can receive comments as Complements and Suggestions. If you get suggestions to improve or add more features in your article, don’t hesitate as we write for others benefit. Complements will encourage us and suggestions will improve us. So always be happy to share your knowledge with all and use the powerful media to reach your knowledge to more peoples.


Thank you all


Syed Shanu

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  1. chilberto says:

    Thanks Syed. Some good points that I have overlooked in the past.

  2. pituach says:

    This is so true Syed “The authors responsible are not only end with publishing the article.” 🙂
    great tips!
    > marketing (as you wrote)
    > follow your post!
    respond to comments (very important), TechNet WIKI is a shared interface and other people can edit the article: You have to follow changes from time to time.

  3. I agree for importance of social media. we have benefits of few item like reach out readers + and followers +

  4. Very true!! Thanks for write up!!


  5. Lots of good food for thought here. Thanks, Syed!

  6. Very informative and important article, In today’s day you can’t neglect the power of social media. Many things have to learn from there.

  7. Hi,
    Can you know how to start write in TechNet Blogs?
    I dont find this option.

    1. pituach says:

      Good day Ivo Dias,

      Anyone can write TechNet Wiki articles but blogs are written only by a small group of bloggers, which were manually selected. At this time we do not look for new bloggers and usually the schedule of the future blogs is full. But, If you wrote lot of good articles in the Wiki and you think that you fit the position of TNWiki blogger and you want to join the team, then please contact Ed Price, Peter Geelen, Ken Cenerelli, Peter Laker, or my self in private -> provide links to your articles and explain why you should become a blogger 😉

      * If you want to publish a “guest post” in the blog, which is something that fit for one time post or from time to time, then you can convince anyone from the TechNet Wiki council to publish your pot under his name. This is something that we started, as you can see here:

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