TNWiki Article Spotlight – Basis of Neural Networks in Visual Basic .NET

Good day and welcome to another edition of Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight.

Usually when I select an article for the "TNWiki Article Spotlight", I do it after I read the entire article specifically for this purpose.

I start my search by searching articles related to my interests. This way, I have the knowledge and experience to examine and evaluate the article content (the professional value of the article) and the article format (how well it's written and fits to the TechNet WIKI).

Today's article is "Basis of Neural Networks in Visual Basic .NET". It was written by Emiliano Musso, in September 2015.

I didn't know the phrase in English "Neural Networks". In fact, I came across the article "by mistake". Once I started to read the article, I had to read it to the end, which says everything about the article. If you are curious to find out what is "neural network, then I definitely recommend you to read this article and check the attached code.

The article is well written and easy to follow, it includes clear explanations about the code and a link to download the entire project… what more can you ask? Oh... yes the article even includes a short demo video.

So, stop wasting the time and click the link to check the article 🙂

Series of articles

Oh… I see that you keep reading… Well it's great opportunity to mention writing a series of articles/films.

This article presents the possibility that it will be part of a series of articles. Unfortunately, I did not find any follow-up article, but it made me think about the advantages and disadvantages of splitting an article into a series of articles. I want to share with you my 2 cents.

I don't know about you, but personally I don't like TV series with thousands of chapters, of which you can't understand one unless you saw all previous chapters.

Same with articles!

An article is not a book, where each chapter is based on previous chapters. In article the reader expects to see a specific short topic covered from start to end. In my opinion each article should stand by itself.

It doesn't mean that we cannot write series of articles. The opposite is true! I love series of articles. Just like TV series in which each chapter stands alone, in a series of articles we can focus on different topics related to one central topic. But we must keep each article as something that stands by itself.

When does it fit to split article to series of articles?

Basically if you start to write an article and find yourself jumping from one topic to another, if the article become too long, if the article logically includes several topics, then you should think about splitting the article to a series of articles. When we should not split the article? If each sub-article has no meaning by itself, if the reader must read previous articles in the series, then probably it's not a good idea to publish it as a separate article.

In conclusion, it's a great idea to write a series of articles, but you need to remember that these are articles and not chapters in a book.


Feel free to add comments.
I will be happy to hear different opinions.

- Ronen Ariely

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  1. Great Pick I like this article of Emiliano Musso .This is article has so many things to learn.Thank You Ronen Ariely for posting.

  2. These are some great examples from Emiliano!

  3. Nice! I read that article days back. Ronen- I like the concept of Series of articles, you’ve mentioned. Thanks for sharing the things.

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