Wiki Life – Should I contribute on TechNet Wiki to earn recognition points?

I was reading Syed's blog post:


His #1 "Don’t" is great:

“1. Don’t contribute for points. If you started contributing for points it will ends up with low quality of article and also your reputation will not improve.”


So the Wiki doesn’t work like that. You couldn't earn recognition points that quickly, even if you tried to.

That’s how the forums work. You get automatic points for a marked answer and answers voted as helpful. In blogs, you get points for blog posts voted high. But Wiki doesn’t work that way at all.

On Wiki, you get points down the road, for articles you wrote or edited that get big page views. So Wiki is more of a slow burn with Recognition Points. It doesn’t come at once. You can’t strike it rich with points by jumping on and going nuts for a month. That’s the way the Forum works. Wiki could take years. But, the good news is that you’re able to get more points for less work in the long run.

And if your article is bad, it won’t get shared, tweeted, Facebook’d, etc. And it won’t travel as high up the SEO and ultimately won’t get the views. So for Wiki, taking time and quality gets points, not writing more bad articles.

Forums is the sprint and wiki is the marathon.

Read more about how TechNet Wiki recognition points work here:

But that's also why the profile system has Achievement Medals as well.

From that article, you can see that you can still get some quick wins on the Wiki by achieving some "firsts" in Achievement Medals:

Wiki Achievement Summary
Achievement Medal Trigger Description
New Wiki Contributor Ícone de realização Bronze 1x Create Article Published your first article as a Wiki contributor.
New Wiki Editor Ícone de realização Bronze 1x Edit Article Made your first revision to a Wiki article.
New Wiki Commentator Ícone de realização Bronze 1x Comment Posted your first comment to a Wiki article.








Regardless, Syed's point still rings true. You shouldn't perform activities for any kind of credit. The credit exists to reward you. If you try to complete activities that aren't quality or valuable, then nothing good will come from it. But a focus on performing quality activities will result in great content and great accolades!


Jump on in! The Wiki is warm!

- Ninja Ed

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  1. Great post, Ed. Lots of food for thought in there.

    “Forums is the sprint and wiki is the marathon.” This is so true. Competition to answer forum questions can be fierce but anyone with a little bit of time can edit a Wiki post. Your goal should be to improve the Wiki. You then may be rewarded somewhere down the road with points.

  2. Very true!! Great and well said about the core theme of WIKI. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Sabah Shariq says:

    Great post, Ed. Very informative.

  4. chilberto says:

    Slow burn is a good way of describing points. Thanks Ed!

  5. Thanks, everyone. It might be a little frustrating at first. But Wiki Recognition Points do come later as your article picks up steam. Good things come to those who wait. And honestly, we’re not doing this for points. Thank you!

  6. Thank You Ed Price and it was Great Post.

  7. Peter Geelen says:

    Great post, Ed!
    And certainly a very good reference for people that would plan for posting large volume articles, bulk changing tags, or chasing points. (one, two or all tree 😉 )

    Good job!

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