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In this blog we will see in detail about

  • What is TechNet Monthly Competitions
  • Tips for Authors to Win in a TechNet Monthly Competitions
  • How can we apply for TechNet Monthly Competitions?
  • TechNet Monthly Competitions Awards category


Main aim of this article is to guide the new members of TechNet Wiki about TechNet Wiki Monthly Competition and Awards. Why we are writing this article is when members joining TechNet Wiki and started contributing articles they not much aware about this competitions for example when I started contributing for TechNet I’m not aware about this Monthly competition for 2 month. Similarly we can see few new members not much aware about this monthly competition and not aware about how to nominate for the monthly completion.

In this article we will see in detail of TechNet Wiki Guru Monthly Competitions. We can also tell this competition as “Microsoft Technology Guru of Month”. TechNet honors article contributing Authors by giving monthly awards like Gold, Silver and Bronze. We can say that competitions will leads to give more quality of articles. Quality articles will lead a success for both author and for the community. Thanks to TechNet team for making this type of competitions and encouraging authors.

What is TechNet Monthly Competitions?

Each month TechNet conducting the competitions for various Microsoft technology categories like

Authors can nominate their article by categories listed above. For example if an author has published an article related to C# for the current month, then the author himself nominate his/her article to the category Visual C#.

Each month Winners will be selected by category and awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal.

Microsoft Azure
Forefront Identity Manager
SharePoint 2010 / 2013
Small Basic
SQL BI & Power BI
SQL Server General & Database Engine
System Center
Universal Windows Apps
Visual Basic
Visual C#
Windows PowerShell
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Windows Server
Wiki and Portals

Tips for Authors to Win in a TechNet Monthly Competitions

Winning a Microsoft Monthly technology award will be a happiest and pride moment for every author who is contributing for TechNet Wiki. You can be a winner of the month .All you have do is write a quality of article and publish in TechNet Wiki. Nominate your article on TechNet competition page.

Here is a link which gives tips to write a quality article

Another important note is the articles must be written in current month and must be in English

How can we apply for TechNet Monthly Competitions?

Every month we can found a TechNet Wiki Monthly Completion page on TechNet Wiki Articles pages. If it’s hard to find the TechNet wiki Monthly completion page then always first check in this page


In this page we can see all lists of Existing and Current Monthly Competition page links. For example now the current month is July 2016, then click on the July month link, which will redirect to the July Month Competition page.


To add your article for monthly competition entry click on the Edit at the top of the article. We can add our article link with our profile page link on under our Technology Category. If our article category is not listed then we can add the article link under Miscellaneous Category. For example we want to add Asp.NET article then we can add under miscellaneous category.


After adding your article link and profile page link in the comment box add what you have added for example “Added Link under Miscellaneous”.

TechNet Monthly Competitions Winners selection process

Every month group of Judges per category will check for all the article entry of Competition. Depend on article quality and topics the winners will be selected. If you want to be in winner list always write a quality of article to TechNet Wiki and nominate to monthly competition.

TechNet Monthly Competitions Awards category

Every month judges will pick the top three highest scored contributions for each category to bestow our awards upon.

The awards are in

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

For example we can see here three articles have been selected for Miscellaneous Category order by Gold, Silver and Bronze winner with medal.

Another important part of the winners are comments made by the judges. TechNet Wiki judges are best and they will give very valuable feedback and golden words to encourage the entire winning author.


TechNet Monthly Competitions Winner Announcements

Winner details per Microsoft Technology category will be announce around mid of month in TechNet blogs

Lots of benefit we get by winning TechNet monthly competition for example our article will be get popular, If we get more monthly award we will be noted by Microsoft, We might be interviewed for TechNet.

What else author need other than support, engorgements, kind words from Judges and Award.

If you not yet started contribution and nominated for TechNet wiki monthly competition, it’s time for you to start writing articles and nominates your article for monthly award winning.

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