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Highlight Microsoft's technology exclusively focused on collaboration in project offices - the "Project Web App - PWA".

Project Server Web App version of the service is existing within the new SharePoint 2016 service structure.

For more information about Project Server 2016 visit the official page of this product at:

In the history of the product to the Project Server 2013 version it was a unique and totally separate program of SharePoint.
In this new version it is no longer an exclusive program but an embedded service within the SharePoint 2016 services list.
For administrators is another important gain in work productivity as it reduces the management time and the amount of software to be administered.

I remember we talked about the server version. More and as the desktop versions?

Yes they still only exist now in the Project 2016 version.


Project Standard 2016 - Desktop On-prémisse

Project Professional 2016 - Desktop On-prémisse

Project Pro Office 365 - Desktop Azure / Cloud

Project Online with Project Pro for O365 - Server Azure / Cloud



And the Wiki? We have that setting legal article written by the community?

Yes. In our base Wiki We have several SharePoint 2016 articles written by several authors, this is great for the community.

More we highlight the article:

Create a project web app in SharePoint 2016

It was written by Thuan Soldier.

This content is exactly the Project Web App service configuration in SharePoint 2016 service structure.

We consider a great reference material because it helps the understanding of the configuration in this new platform.

Another strong point of the article is the technical assistance it provides to the community.


Thank you for attention and we hope you enjoyed the content.

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  1. This is a great article from Thuan (he’s an MVP and MCC).

    Thanks, Hezequias!

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