TNWiki Article Spotlight – Entity Framework Introduction using C#, part I

Welcome to a new Tuesday TNWiki Article Spotlight!
In those posts, we propose articles from the TechNet Wiki, a great knowledge-base from Microsoft, through which independent developers and IT professionals shares their skills.

Today i propose an article which i've written last month, regarding an important technology from the ORM / data management world:
Entity Framework


Excerpt from the article:

Entity Framework (hereafter, EF) is the ORM framework (object-relational mapping) that Microsoft makes available as part of the .NET development (version 3.5 SP1 and later). Its purpose is to abstract the ties to a relational database, in such a way that the developer can relate to database entities as a set of objects, and then to classes and their properties. transparent are made the connection to the database phases, as well as the instructions that our application will be sent in the native language to the database itself. In essence, we speak of a decoupling between our applications and the logic of data access: this proves to be a major plus, for example, if we have the need to move - in the context of a single program - to different manufacturers database, as it would be required to review the way and the instructions with which we interface to the data manager on duty.

In the article, we will see more in detail what Entity Framework is about, and how we can use it in our development. We will consider the paradigms it offers, making general considerations about them. That will be the first article of a small series, which i will write in months to come, through which my aim is to provide useful insights to deepen the knowledge about this important technology, that allow us to work with data in a more fluid and object-oriented way.

The article can be found here: Entity Framework Introduction using C#, part I

I've provided an Italian localization also, that can be found here: Introduzione ad Entity Framework con C#, parte I (it-IT)

Hope you liked it, and that it will be of use for your studies and work.

Have a great Tuesday!
— Italian Wiki Ninja Emiliano
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  1. Fantastic! It’s great to have quality Entity Framework content like this on the Wiki!

  2. And an Italian version of the article! That’s wonderful!

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