Wiki Life: Wikis vs. Blog Posts

I have been judging TechNet Guru articles for quite a while now and I have seen many Wiki articles that has more Blog Post feel on it. For instance, there were articles which uses personal branded software applications for demonstrations and it is not appropriate for Wikis.

Thought of writing this post giving a brief compare and contrast to Wikis and Blog Posts.

Let me start off with Blog Posts.


Blog Post

Blog posts are usually authored by a single author and there can be couple of contributors. Basically author writes the content and it’s his/her view or opinion about something. Others can’t modify the content; they can only put comments under comments area (sometimes comments needs moderation by author). Most of the times, author is putting his/her signature at the end of the post.



In the other hand, wikis have multiple authors. One author starts writing the Wiki and the others starts adding/updating the content. Because of this nature, unlike blog posts, wikis are getting updated multiple times within a day. Since wikis are getting modified by several people, they do not contain one person’s view or opinion. Wiki’s cannot contain a signature at the end of the article as it is not owning by an individual or a group.


For more information, please read following wikis.


Happy Coding!

- Sri Lankan Wiki Ninja Jaliya (Blog, MSDN Profile, Twitter)

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  1. Useful post Jaliya Udagedara .Thanks for sharing

  2. Good article Jaliya.

  3. Tarh ik says:

    Well, I’d dare to say that the difference is that a blog post focuses on a personal opinion (like an editorial, if you will), whereas a wiki article provides useful, objective technical information outside the boundaries of the article itself. I believe that the rule to differentiate these two would be to ask if someone can use the described information on a different project, or if the author is just showing what he/she just accomplished.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

  4. chilberto says:

    Thanks Ninja Jaliya – I have had another read of these!

  5. Peter Geelen says:

    Short but very much to the point! Great idea to bring this back under the community attention! Super!

  6. Fantastic comparison! Thanks, Jaliya!

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