Top Contributors Awards! June Week 3. Office 365, Angular, MVC, POP3, Web API, Governance and so much more!

Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

Back from the brink, as crawler issues and Wiki issues conspired together to keep the awards offline for a couple of weeks.

First up, the weekly leader board snapshot...




As always, here are the results of another weekly crawl over the updated articles feed.


Gold Award Winner Most Revisions Award
Who has made the most individual revisions


#1 Peter Geelen with 35 revisions.


#2 Carsten Siemens with 25 revisions.


#3 Waqas Sarwar(MCSE 2013) with 22 revisions.


Just behind the winners but also worth a mention are:


#4 SYEDSHANU with 17 revisions.


#5 Michel Jatoba with 16 revisions.


#6 SMSVikasK with 15 revisions.


#7 Chen V with 12 revisions.


#8 Joel Rodrigues de Lima Neto with 10 revisions.


#9 Dileepa Kariyawasam with 10 revisions.


#10 Richard Mueller with 9 revisions.



Gold Award Winner Most Articles Updated Award
Who has updated the most articles


#1 Carsten Siemens with 23 articles.


#2 Peter Geelen with 19 articles.


#3 Waqas Sarwar(MCSE 2013) with 19 articles.


Just behind the winners but also worth a mention are:


#4 Richard Mueller with 7 articles.


#5 Kieran Patrick Wood with 7 articles.


#6 Michel Jatoba with 3 articles.


#7 Chen V with 3 articles.


#8 Le Thien Hoang with 3 articles.


#9 SMSVikasK with 3 articles.


#10 [Kamlesh Kumar] with 2 articles.



Gold Award Winner Most Updated Article Award
Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The article to have the most change this week was Office 365 and POP3 Hybrid Mail Hizmetleri Ayni Anda Kullanma ! (tr-TR), by Hasan DANIS - Cloud Computing

This week's revisers were Peter Geelen & Hasan DANIS - Cloud Computing

New and shiny! Thanks Hasan for a well produced article.



Gold Award Winner Longest Article Award
Biggest article updated this week


This week's largest document to get some attention is MVC Dashboard using AngularJS and Web API, by SYEDSHANU

This week's reviser was SYEDSHANU

Syed working on a real gem here. A must read for all Angular people!



Gold Award Winner Most Revised Article Award
Article with the most revisions in a week


This week's most fiddled with article is Wiki Governance: Posting in Facebook Groups - Must Read, by Peter Geelen. It was revised 26 times last week.

This week's revisers were [Kamlesh Kumar], SYEDSHANU, Gaurav Kumar Arora & Tomoaki Yoshizawa

Peter Geelen laying down the law! YOU MUST OBEY!



Gold Award Winner Most Popular Article Award
Collaboration is the name of the game!


The article to be updated by the most people this week is Wiki Governance: Posting in Facebook Groups - Must Read, by Peter Geelen

And most popular! Double win. Thanks all for contributing.

This week's revisers were [Kamlesh Kumar], SYEDSHANU, Gaurav Kumar Arora & Tomoaki Yoshizawa



Gold Award Winner Ninja Edit Award
A ninja needs lightning fast reactions!


Below is a list of this week's fastest ninja edits. That's an edit to an article after another person



Comments (9)
  1. Congrats to all and Thanks to all the Judges 🙂

  2. XAML guy, where did you go? And who is this Pete Laker you’ve been replaced with????

    Um, congrats everyone! Thanks to Peter Geelen, Carsten, and Waqas for solid edits. And thanks to Waqas for working with us to identify some priority edits!

  3. pituach says:

    Congratulations to all winners
    Well done all contributors 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing Pete, Congratulation to all 🙂

  5. Congrats to all….will we get our missed days back?

  6. Congratulations to all winners

  7. chilberto says:

    Thanks Pete – great contributions this week!

  8. Peter Geelen says:

    I would like to add some other pair of credits here.
    The marvellous cooperation on the Facebook governance translation was initiated by Ronen Arielly (aka pituach) who needed some help to get the guidelines translated in to the various languages.
    I just kicked the request to a Wiki page, as this was the perfect fit for the Wiki functionality: working together.

    So the super results are credited to Ronen and every one else who has put effort on translating the guide.
    Thanks everyone!

  9. No blog post for this week, looks like it is not regular.

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