The TNWiki Ninja blog has been upgraded … and you’ll know it.

Just like the Exchange Team blog, and many other blogs on the TechNet platform, this blog has now been moved to a new platform.
As you've noticed already, it's completely new, completely different from what we had before.

And it comes with some startup nausea... so bear with us, while we're doing our best to get an even better experience than before.
But right now it there is some work to do, all teams are working hard to get rid of the hickups...

Meanwhile, feel free to use the comments section of this post to report issues, we'll do what is necessary to send it to the support team.



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  1. Peter already fixed some links on the right pane! Here’s a question… we don’t have the Wiki Links and Category Links on the blog post pages yet (just the main page and the tags pages). Should we have them on this type of page too (the blog post pages)?

  2. The main issue I found is I can no longer tell how many have rated an article (when you hover over the stars near “Rate this article”). As a result, I cannot tell if I rated the article when I click a star, so I click several times. Only after checking my profile activities do I realize that I rated the Wiki several times.

  3. Greg Deckler says:

    Love the new look!

  4. Good to see new upgraded Blog post and this looks cool.I have 2 points for change in comment section
    1) I think we can remove the reply link for comment posted member.For example if i post and comment I dont want to be add reply for myself.
    2) Comments need edit option .If we have some typo in comments we can edit only the comments posted by the logged in user.
    Few other optional option
    Like button for comments

  5. I have 2 more feedback for the TechNet Wiki Articles and TechNet Blog posts.
    1) Is that possible to add No of view (View count) per page of each article and Blog posts.Which will result as how useful the article or Blog is posted in both TechNet wiki and in Blogs.
    2) Mail subscription for Blog Comments

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