TNWiki Article Spotlight - Azure SQL Database and C#

Welcome to another Tuesday TNWiki Article Spotlight!

The integration of Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio took a big step forward with the release of Visual Studio 2013. This version of Visual Studio allows you to natively work with Azure right within the IDE. Functionality only increased with the release of Visual Studio 2015.

One of the best examples of this integration is using Azure SQL Databases inside Visual Studio. Through the built-in Server Explorer, you can see your Azure SQL Databases and work with them within Visual Studio.

To view a great illustration of this, Emiliano Musso has created an award-winning article entitled Create Azure Database and use it via C# for the TechNet Wiki. Emiliano explains how to provision a database within Microsoft Azure. He demonstrates how to edit it within Visual Studio by using the Azure setting “Open in Visual Studio” and how to administer it through SQL Server Management Studio. Finally, he shows the reader how to connect to the database through C# and displays basic CRUD operations.

As well, for those interested, Emiliano has translated his own article into Italian: Creazione Database Azure ed utilizzo tramite C# (it-IT).

If you ever wanted to know how to work with Azure SQL Databases inside Visual Studio, read his article.

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogMSDN ProfileMVP Profile)

Comments (4)

  1. Thank you Ken, i'm honored you chose my article. Hope it can be useful 😉

  2. You are welcome Emiliano. I love Azure and Visual Studio integration and I thought others might like to know more about it too.

  3. This is a fantastic integration story! Thanks, Emiliano!

  4. Oh and Ken too. Thanks to Ken. =^)

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