Council Spotlight – Integration Forums with Wiki

Hello friends Wiki Ninjas community.

Welcome to Spotlight Council.

Today talk about the role of the Forum in Wiki.

Community employees realize that there is no integration between the forum and wiki. Yes it does exist and is quite common.

Highlight an important point in the community council.

There is specific forum in the areas of knowledge of the Ninjas to treat Wiki.

The areas of knowledge has the function to direct the activities that occur within the community.

Areas of knowledge and their parents can be located by accessing the article - "TechNet Wiki Community Council: Focus Areas" by the address:

TechNet Wiki Community Council: Focus Areas

Item 9 is the space reserved for this function - "TechNet Wiki Discussion Forum Community Growth".

Within this space - "TechNet Wiki Discussion" the goal is to receive feedback from community members, address issues, propose improvements, moderate questions about various topics and answer questions relevant to the Wiki.

These actions are possible through the issues observed by our community. The place where we seek this information to always improve our Wiki is the exclusive forum created specifically to address the entire spectrum of subjects. It is available to access the link:

TechNet Wiki Discussion

Access is open to all members, regardless of their level of contribution (medals, points and contribution of time in the community) or titles. All members can participate, and the good part is the interaction that community members may have with community leaders from all over the world. They will be there to help clarify any questions, feel free to participate.

Finally we want to thank all the community contributions and noted that this forum is public, free and specific to the Wiki. It's super important that the community participates, because it is based on this information we can map all the needs and thus treat in all levels of the community.

Thank you.

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos @++

Comments (5)

  1. chilberto says:

    Thanks Hezequias for the call to action!

  2. Thank you! Everyone, please encourage any questions to get sent out to the forums!

  3. pituach says:

    Great post! thanks Hezequias!
    It is true that the forum and the WIKI works together 🙂
    Both are communication channels for the same community – the TechNet community 🙂

    * We have more communication channels that people should use 🙂
    We had a lecture about these, at the TechNet wiki summit 2015 (Me, Sandro Pereira, and Peter Geelen). I recommend to download the presentation:

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