Wiki Life: TechNet Wiki APM

Why TechNet Wiki?

We can count many benefits about contributing for TechNet Wiki. Nevertheless, one of the main benefits is the TechNet Wiki GURU competitions. Competition is the key to improve the quality of the whole TechNet Wiki community.

What is TechNet Wiki APM?

Very similar to a PowerPoint slide show the TechNet Wiki GURU competitions usually share a big picture to the community. The quality of each picture is depend on its pixel density or PPI (Pixels per Inch). We can define such term in TechNet Wiki GURU. Therefore, APM stands for Articles per Month. APM is very important. However, if we want a 4K picture, we need many more articles.

More APM is not always better!

By the way, like PPI, more APM is not always better! There are more key factors to achieve better quality. Image processors and sensors are two other parts in digital cameras that affect the picture quality. TechNet Wiki GURU Judges absolutely do these jobs. In other words, their decisions and comments make the picture quality. Moreover, their judgments can improve the content quality, especially, for the next month.

Bottom line

To improve the articles both quality and quantity, we can consider making the TechNet Wiki GURU competitions better. Please share your brilliant ideas to achieve a better picture quality!


Saeid Hasani

Comments (4)

  1. Great! One thing to track is how many articles we’re adding each month:

    We’re definitely not adding 4K articles a month! =^)

    Our current stats:

    7,966 users have contributed 23,005 pages, 177,232 revisions, and 103,340 comments.

    We could do a monthly blog post about our current progress (how many articles we get each month).


  2. Saeid Hasani says:

    Ed, "monthly blog post" is a great idea! 🙂
    Other idea is adding APM to the "Guru Winners" blog posts.

  3. FLauffer says:

    Great post! I do not know about APM.

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