TNWiki Article Spotlight – Access Azure Redis Cache with an API App

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

Databases are a potential bottleneck in an application. What if you want to just store simple data and a full-blown relational database is a lot overhead? And when you also want to easily have scalability at cloud-scale? NoSQL databases such as HBase or Cassandra can definitely fulfill your requirements, but you want something light-weight, something already built into Azure. That should be latest point where Azure Redis Cache should come to your mind. Redis is a light-weight key-value store, but you should not be confused by the term 'key-value'. Instead of storing a simple string value for a key you can also store more complex data structures to it. Ok, and what if you want to use it from a REST interface? Here we have Azure API Apps. But how do we combine Azure Redis Cache and an API App? Luckily Steef-Jan has created an article covering accessing Azure Redis Cache with an API App. In this article he explains the scenario and the prerequisites necessary to go through the example. He shows how to create an API App which accesses Redis. At the end he goes through using the API App with Swagger and how deploy it to Azure.

If you love REST and simple databases, this article shows you how you can use both very easy.

- German Ninja Jan (TwitterBlogProfile)

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  1. Cool. Glad to see this Redis Cache article!

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