Sunday Surprise – Cloud Articles

Hi, and welcome to another article of TechNet Wiki Blog. In last month, I see a lots of great articles so help you improve your cloud technology knowledge.



I am proud of some articles are Turkish. Yeah, I am talking about Ezgi Can. You can see Ezgi’s profile here  


You can see my favorite articles of Ezgi’s


Whether an enjoyable Sunday


Turkish Wiki Ninja Davut

Comments (6)

  1. Peter Geelen says:

    Hey, is that … is that … a discussion between… Well, I’m considering this as a compliment, right?

  2. Davut EREN says:

    Ed repeat slowly "The C-L-O-U-D"

  3. Hahahaha.

    I seem to be in hand cuffs. But you know I can snap them like string!

    Nobody can stop me when my head is in the cloud!

    I think supes would beat bats.

    Anyway, Ezgi has some great O365 Turkish articles! That’s great!

    Also, what’s that Star Trek image from? Is that a fan film?

    Thanks, Davut!

  4. Davut EREN says:

    Yes, This is "The IT Crowd Movie" I made gif image. If you click to image, you can see it 🙂 it’s funny

  5. pituach says:

    LOL 🙂
    great analogy, with the images

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