Friday – Italian blog is up and running!

Welcome to a new edition of our Friday International Updates. One of the last Friday's post was from Ed Price, in which - among other things - he asked a question

«Do we want an Italian Blog?»

Today, we are delighted to announce not only a positive answer to that question, but the official startup of the Italian blog itself, with a post from Luigi Bruno.

Our community blog can be reached at:, with the greeting post at

We currently have a list of 11 authors, hoping to involve a greater number of experts in the future.

A first draft of our post scheduling can be found at We will try to keep the same format of the International blog, with dedicated categories for each day (we'll currently discussing the details).

As Luigi said in his post, we wish to say a very special thank you to Ed Price, for his precious guidance and for trusting us, giving us such a great gift, which we hope to continue deserving.

Cheer with us!
Have a great Friday, and a good week-end as well.

— Italian Wiki Ninja Emiliano
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  1. This is awesome! I’m so psyched to see a group of 11 authors band together to make this happen! Go Italian Go!

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