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I've been involved in coding activities for children in many places. As a developer, I wanted to share with you a little bit about coding tools.
"Touch Developer" created by Microsoft, it is a browser-based coding tool that helps to code quickly and to learn programing logic.

It can be run on all platforms. You can immediately go to the address and start the fast coding.

When you open the tool first time, a screen will pop-up and you will get directed to Touch develop.


Our First Code

Create a script by clicking the button on the main screen, now we can start creating our first application.

Create a command file as soon as you click on the screen, it will open a window for you to select a template. You can browse the templates available with inside help in the window.



After writing the code to create our applications, you are automatically redirected to the screen.

You can create new functions by using the Add New button and you can create your function with quick mouse clicks.


You can publish our code that you have created to come to the main screen and you can make it appear in the device.


If you in wondering what you can do without the coding information for your children or yourself and learning is your goal,  you can still make prototypes to apply. You can have fun with Touch Developer and you can even share them with everyone.

Have nice coding!

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  1. This is cool. We should get some of this Touch Develop content onto TechNet Wiki!

    In fact, this blog post could be a Wiki article (both in Turkish and English).

    Great job writing this up!

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