International Blog Update: Brazil, French, & Turkish!!!

International Blog Update!!

That basically means the non-English blogs, since this is the English one. =^)


Brazil Continues Strong!

Wiki Ninjas Brasil - Blog do "TechNet Wiki"

We have a steady stream of posts from many contributors!

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Quinta-Feira Conselho Spotlight - O que acontece no conselho da comunidade. Posted 1 day ago

Posted 1 day ago

Posted 3 days ago  

Posted 10 days ago

Posted 18 days ago

Erdem Leads Turkish

Turkish Wiki Ninjas

Thanks to Erdem, we have a great new post...

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Microsoft Touch Develop Posted 21 days ago


I love Touch Develop! Great topic!

So please join me in thanking Hezequias, Renato, Jefferson, and Erdem for running our international blogs!


Join the World! Join the Wiki!

    - Ninja Ed

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  1. UPDATE: I added the profile images.

  2. Ed. Thank you for remember
    Good to see Turkey back to the path of contributions.

  3. Inn VNix Ginner says:

    Good contribution! Thanks Ed

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