Windows PowerShell Contributors – Get Ready for February 2016!

Three more days to go for closing January 2016 TechNet Wiki Guru Award Contributions! Go contribute!

In this blog post we would like to share few points for sharing articles in Windows PowerShell Category starting from February 2016!

We are diversified by Technology and United by PowerShell because we use PowerShell in most of the Microsoft Products. So, we would like to hear your feed back or suggestions from you all. Feel free to share your thoughts as comments in this blog post.



What we can include in Windows PowerShell Category?

  1. Start sharing your article related to any MS products but don't forget to highlight the essence of Windows PowerShell.
  2. You must include the strong reason for using Windows PowerShell rather than GUI.
  3. Include the reference links that helps others to get more information.
  4. Feel free to include Desired State Configuration (We have DSC experts in PowerShell Category Judging Team) 
  5. Ensure to include Tag for Desired State Configuration along with PowerShell in your article.
  6. Share Office Servers Contents along with PowerShell code.
  7. Share if you have contents about Pester

Few More Tips for Windows PowerShell Contributors

  1. Do you have a PowerShell module? Please write up a TechNet Wiki article and share it in TechNet Wiki and Share your module in TechNet Gallery and GitHub
  2. Include help for your PowerShell codes.
  3. Share your favorite PowerShell Editor and the reason (Strictly no third party products)
  4. Keep your code readable and don't use jargons in the TechNet Wiki Articles

Will it be a good if we change Windows PowerShell to PowerShell? - so we can have more contributions! This Blog is now on air and welcoming all PowerShell addicts to share your opinions!

Let's show the Power of PowerShell to the world through TechNet Wiki!

Thanks and Regards,

Team TechNet Wiki Ninja

Comments (3)

  1. Peter Geelen says:

    Let’s show the TechNet Wiki to the world through Power of PowerShell!

  2. Chen V says:

    Awesome comments. Thanks Ed and Peter ☺

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