Wiki Life: Can’t find it? Try the Governance & Guidelines Portal!

It's time to talk about the Governance & Guidelines Portal!

On the main Wiki page:

You'll find it on the right, under "Help & Feedback".


It's a beautiful thing! You can find all our basic policies, how it all works, and you'll even find out how to behave inappropriately!...

Inappropriate Behavior


The resources on how to edit and write, and the guidelines! You'll swim in the fantastic content!

Here are how the sections of this resource break down:

Table of Contents


You can find this article in three languages:


So jump on in! The Wiki is warm.

- Ninja Ed

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  1. I love that ninja banner. We mean serious bizness!!!

  2. Very helpful post Thank you Ed Price

  3. Nice article Ed. Great reminder of what has already been added.

  4. Inn VNix Ginner says:

    This is a nice article! Thank you for this post

  5. You’re welcome! I use this resource a lot when I forget where to find things. =^)

  6. Good source of information. The links are very helpful.


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