TNWiki Article Spotlight – IoT Suite – Under The Hood – Remote Monitoring

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

The Azure IoT Suite is one of the newer services available in Azure. From there you can create your Internet-of-Things applications. In most cases this can be very time-consuming. Wouldn't it be better to have something out-of-the-box for common problems? Especially if you want to do some remote monitoring of machines wouldn't it be good to have something in place? Luckily there is a "Remote Monitoring" solution in the Azure IoT Suite. But how does it work under the covers? Peter Laker has written an article about that where he explains the different components, such as Azure EventHub and Azure DocumentDB. He covers in-deep what is needed to run the "Remote Monitoring" solution and if you are done, he shows how you can delete everything the solution has set up for you.

If you have a bunch of Arduino's or Pi's somewhere hiding it is now time to grab them and try this solution. If you want to know more, have a look at Peter's article.

- German Ninja Jan (TwitterBlogProfile)

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