Thursday Council Spotlight: TechNet Wiki Windows PowerShell Category in 2016!


Last day of the year 2015, as a Team TechNet Wiki Ninja have done loads of new things in this year. We are stepping to New Year 2016 with great records! In our last two Thursday Council Spotlight we celebrated the SharePoint and PowerShell Guru Award winners and contributors. Reference Link is given below

Thursday - Council Spotlight: 2015 Windows PowerShell TechNet Wiki - An Object of Desire!

This is Just the Beginning! Go SharePoint! Go SharePoint!

Together with the essence of SharePoint and PowerShell we have got 100 + articles in TechNet Wiki Guru competition. That's an amazing count in the year 2015.

It's time for us to say Good Bye 2015 and to Welcome 2016! TechNet Wiki Ninja Team wishing you a very Happy New Year 2016!

Through this blog we would like to get your feedback and suggestions to make Windows PowerShell category better than 2015! Below are few which we would like to share.

  1. Windows PowerShell Category in TechNet Guru Award should not contain any other articles - Like Office Server Automations, Third Party Solutions and Automations. This category should only contain Windows PowerShell tips and tricks.
  2. Shall we think about Desired State Configuration as separate category?
  3. While sharing articles in TechNet wiki - Please include PowerShell version with build numbers.
  4. We all should share codes in the same format! No plain text codes!
  5. We have created a new group in Linked In for Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas (International Worldwide) - We should use this!
  6. Make heading precise by adding Tips or Tricks.
  7. Screen shot of the output is a must.
  8. Highlight the logic of your code!
  9. All the Windows PowerShell articles should be in same fonts, colors and size for uniformity.
  10. Can we plan for Windows PowerShell TechNet Wiki e-Book for every quarter? Reference Link

We are waiting to hear more suggesstions to improve Windows PowerShell articles and let's connect to beat the track!

Once again, we would like to thank you all Windows PowerShell contributors in the year 2015.

Thanks and Regards,

Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninjas Team



Comments (4)

  1. Thanks Chen for the update.

  2. I hope everyone is having a great new year!

    Also, I’m glad to see what’s happening with PowerShell.

    Chen, I love the ebook idea! We had two for SharePoint and one for T-SQL. We had one for BizTalk that I don’t think ever got finished. A PowerShell ebook would be great!

  3. Chen V says:

    Thanks Ken! Ed, We will try to make one along with Wiki Ninja PowerShell Contributors! I discussed with few PowerShell lovers already!

  4. Chen V, that’s great! I also hope to do a few for Small Basic!

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