New logo to the TechNet Wiki Ninjas pages on Facebook

I have the honor and the privilege to post this blog in the behalf of the TechNet Wiki Facebook groups admins.

If you are a member of TechNet Wiki community, then this blog directed to you! It is our time to thank you for a great job, and post some of the information on decisions behind the scenes.


About two weeks ago we reached the decision that it's time to make some designing changes in the 'TechNet Wiki' pages at the Facebook groups. The main idea was to replace the veteran logo image, which served us well in the last several months, with a new logo for the year 2016. We asked the help of the community to design a new logo, which turned out as a great idea.

Personally, I meant to get 2-3 options to choose from. Originally there was no intention to open a competition or two weeks of discussions, but it become much more. Several images were sent to us in private or posted in public. Members gave great feedback, some images have been improved and re-posted several times, and you helped us by voting for your choices for the best image. You can see all the pictures that made it into the final selection at the Facebook following link.

Our New logo

The TechNet Wiki Facebook council had to choose one image. A task which become VERY hard. There were too many pretty images, which was a shame to leave them without use (We will use all of them, in one way or another!). We just liked all your works! There was an idea to use several images in rotation, but there is some technical issue with implementing it (we might do in the future). Eventually, one image was chosen!

* The TechNet Wiki Facebook Council members include all the admins of the main group and the local groups.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Davut Eren, who created our first logo, which served us till now.

We thank all of you for participating the process of selecting the new logo. Well done to all who sent images, you really did great work, and to all these who send feedback, and to all these who took part in voting and discussing. The Images that made it to the final selection sent by: Dan Christian, Davut Eren‎, Kamlesh Kumar, and ‎Mustafa Kaya. Of course special thank to ‎Mustafa Kaya who posted the winning logo.

* I personally want to thank all, and I want to say it was very fun to see the group so active 🙂

What Next?

Continue to write technical articles, post them on the TechNet Wiki, and don't forget to publish a link in the Facebook group. It is great place to get feedback, which will help you improve the article, and it is the best way to promote it.

There is much more to be done, and you are welcome to use your design abilities to help us with new designs for medals to the Ninja competition, banners to use for in blogs, Icons, and much more. For more information, please check this blog.


Happy New Year!

Comments (15)

  1. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you very much for all and Thank you Ronen

  2. pituach says:

    Thank you all 🙂

  3. Love the new logo. Thanks Ronen for the update.

  4. It was a nice change. Thanks Ronan 🙂

  5. pituach says:

    thanks, We really should thank the people that posted all the LOGOs 🙂

  6. Great logo, thanks Ronen!

  7. Holy cow! That image is awesome! Great job to everyone involved!

    Also, Pituach, can you do another post that shows off the different submissions? It would be great to enjoy them all as well.


  8. Love the logo. It should go on the top of all our blog posts!

  9. We need a wiki article that acts as a gallery for all these banner submissions!

  10. pituach says:

    Thanks Danish, Emiliano, Alan, Ed 🙂

    @Ed, This is great idea to add wiki article that acts as a gallery.
    I added one 🙂

    I titled it as "TechNet WIKI Images gallery". I am not sure if we should use one article for all categories or one for each. At this time it is one gallery for all images. we might want to add there icons, promotion images, etc’. If we decide in the future
    that there are too many images then we can split the article by categories. In this case we can change the title to "TechNet WIKI LOGOs gallery" (or something like this)

  11. Firat YASAR says:

    Thank You. They are pretty good.

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