WPF Seasons Greetings!!! – A code sample from Andy ONeill

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WPF: Seasons Greetings


In this article, Andy takes you on a tour to build an animated greeting card in WPF!

Andy's introduction helps explain the values you'll get if you build this sample:

The sample which goes along with this partly exists just as a bit of fun. Even an animated greetings card has little direct use beyond warming the hearts of people looking at it. You can download the sample from the TechNet GalleryThere are a number of techniques used in the sample that WPF developers might find useful in rather more serious applications. Flashy animating adverts or notifications spring to mind. It also illustrates some problem areas a developer may want to avoid.


You can also download the sample from TechNet Gallery.

Here is what your final program will look like:


So get to it!

WPF: Seasons Greetings


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday Season, and that you all have a wonderful New Year's Day!


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   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Andy ONeill says:

    Cheers Ed,
    It looks rather more impressive running ( honest ).
    What with the multi lingual greetings swooping in, the ornaments flashing and the teeny stars twinkling.

  2. The whole thing’s pretty impressive. Love the animation and even the layout with the holly.

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